SOLAR 50 Review, full tutorial and patch ideas // Elta Music's 10 voice synth explored

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0:00 Intro
0:40 Overview
5:00 Connectivity
5:30 Stereo/mono
6:45 Noise/bleed
8:05 Oscillators
9:35 Osc cross mod
11:15 ASR VCA env
11:45 Pitch mods
12:35 Light sensor
13:25 Env patches
14:25 LFOs
15:00 Contact mic
15:25 Filter
16:20 Effects
22:15 Velocity mod
23:10 Stackcables
23:40 Cascading vox
24:15 Sequencing
24:35 FM radio noise
25:00 Trig seq
26:00 Motion rec
27:00 vs Lyra 8
27:55 Pros & cons
31:25 Outro

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42 thoughts on “SOLAR 50 Review, full tutorial and patch ideas // Elta Music's 10 voice synth explored

  1. This synth … I feel this synth scratches a very particular itch, one some of us may not even knew existed until this came out. There are pretty much limitless harmonic ideas buried in this machine. I like/appreciate the fact that it's designed to interact with external gear, but isn't beholden to it (no MIDI or sync). It's an orchestrator's dream, or nightmare, depending on your point of view. I found this review/overview inspiring and evocative at the same time. Thanks for the great video! I definitely want this machine!

  2. Interesting entry into the ever more over-crowded synthesizer space, but I've yet to find a more versatile & sick sounding machine than my beloved Alesis Andromeda that I paid a small fortune for; it's been worth every penny.

  3. Yeah, analog synths are way more intuitive to use. And yes, I am very sure that the more direct approach leads to better music, compared to the 'modern standard' of automated randomization of parameters and patterns within a given range of 'commercially approved' boredom.
    BUT: the companie's name 'Elta' might give them a very hard standing in Germany at least… as 'Elta' has been the name THE single worst, cheapest and crappiest vendor of abysmal 'HiFi'-hardware for decades there, always fully made from plastic. So I am talking of below Fisher Price levels of audio hardware, and not from an audiophile's point of view..

  4. Thanks for the Review Loopop. Great review as always … but nothing for me. Which is good to tame my GAS … I really enjoy watching your reviews, because they give me good understanding and if I want it or not. That is the best thing a review can achieve and you are constantly hitting that spot. Sometime it is better than reading the manual 🙂

  5. Fabtastical vid as usual, your prod value is SO consistent–don't be so hard on your self 🙂 but we appreciate it! I see a machine like this, and how its filter works and go "wow, this is a job for Frames!" Frames on the X,Y,Z and the env follower would TRANSFORM it!

  6. Whatever the review is….it is always the icing on the cake to hear your talented playing at the end😊

  7. Just the fact that it says “BIG AMBIENT MACHINE” on the front makes me not want to buy it. I don’t need the synth to tell me what it does on the front panel. My 909 doesn’t say “TECHNO POWER HOUSE” on the front does it?

  8. Interesting and lovely sounding synth. While a brave/odd choice not to add midi, it makes it just a noodling device to me.

  9. This is an amazing synth. I have my eyes on this one for a very long time. But a digital alternative is Falcon 2 by UVI, you can stack OSC like this(and even more than this), the sounds also amazing.

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