How I Made $151,896 on JVZoo – JVZoo Affiliate Marketing Tutorial 2020 – Entrepreneur Reaction

My personal opinion about Caffeinated Blogger’s video about making $151,896 on JVZoo affiliate marketing. Is it real? X0X0 Renae

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30 thoughts on “How I Made $151,896 on JVZoo – JVZoo Affiliate Marketing Tutorial 2020 – Entrepreneur Reaction

  1. Reallu uhh – Please review ECOM Elites and Frank Hatchett. This guy is based out of New Zealand. He put up a bunch of free training. Most aimed at affiliate marketing drop shipping. Even though he shows free side hustles he also shows that drop ship has a cost. He raves about clickbank (is it any good?) IS ECOM Elites and Frank Hatchett the real deal? Please test.

  2. the covid has led me to you.. and I Now watch you b4 I take someones word for anything… Thank you and please keep up the good work

  3. I put "blue yeti reviews" into my phone's Google search bar; it automatically gives me an Amazon link IF the Amazon review is the most important.
    I am stuck going thru Google. Amazon is an app I would have to open.

  4. Nice Job you're doing. Buying into crypto currencies is a mental attitude, it’s a mindset. If you don't allow yourself to understand what crypto is and what bitcoin is about to become, you are going to hate yourselves shortly for not paying attention. I lost 2 bitcoin when I started trading CRYPTO, it was devastating, I was lost until I found a comment about Adam Mike, I contacted him and he promised to help me not only to recover my lost money but to earn for the rest of my life, I have earned 9.3 bitcoin in less than 1 month from his Trading. He is so competent, honest, consistent and very experienced, Do contact him via email: 0r WhatsApp +12406684879__

  5. Lolz, Renae. Why you put that thumbnail? You are a pretty lady but you managed to make youself look like Chris Farley dressed as Barbara Bush or something there, ahahha. You are a brave one.

  6. Hi Renae. When are you going to make another amazon product test video? I’m sending my first product to fba this week so it’s all I’m thinking about right now haha

  7. It is very easy to rank on the first page of Google for long tail keywords that a lot of people are not going for. (Just a couple days). If people like your reviews they will click on your links. Most of the time people buy things that I am not even promoting. Some of my blogs don't get much traffic but I get some affiliate sales on amazon. I think people go to my blogs just to click my links to go to amazon to buy what ever they want. I also post my links in other places and I don't really track them so I can't really say where most of the sales come from. It would be easy if people were buying the things that I was promoting. I don't have an e-mail list and don't make millions of dollars but I do some how make a little money without trying very hard.

  8. I'm a little more than halfway through, when you discovered Medium. I was actually looking into making $ with Medium a couple of weeks ago. Just like Youtube gurus, affiliate marketing gurus, and FBA gurus, there is at least one Medium guru talking about how he built his writing to make big bucks, and of course he sells a course on how to do it. THAT is something I would definitely watch if you reviewed the course! Sorry I forget the guy's name. PS I remember Geocities!

  9. I'm so scared to start. Is there something like business insurance? So, if someone takes me to court, I could afford the court costs? I'm afraid of someone taking advantage of my gullibility/newness to business. Or having someone (troll) show up at my door? These are the only two things that are still holding me back.

  10. I'm starting to hate affiliate marketing because I feel like most people who do affiliate marketing, they don't even use what they are promoting !! and it sucks because now I can't trust any review because i feel like he/she is just trying to get a commission out of me and not leaving an honest review.

  11. Publishing a shitty review on Medium and it will rank? For how long? If user experience on that article is terrible that entry is going to be dropped from page one. Remember Squidoo? Remember Hub Pages? The SEOs best kept secrets from 2008? Where are they now? I've been doing SEO for long enough not to go for gimmicks.

  12. I have experience with clickbank but never JVZoo I need to look into their products. PS love your eyelashes, before COVID I got mine done regularly and now I'm so deprived lol (random, sorry). Anyway, love your videos I'm a new subscriber

  13. Let me fix that comment for that person….
    "21 seconds into your video and I hate you…by hate you I mean LOVE you."
    There! It's fixed now. πŸ’—

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