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00:10 I’m gonna be showing you guys and inside the member’s area view of the CB passive income there’s gonna be a review. I’m gonna show you exactly what’s inside and just by showing you exactly what’s what’s inside and explaining what the course is about you should be able to make your own decision on whether you would like to purchase this course or not. Patric Chan, he’s definitely been making tons of money online so why not learn from someone who’s already making the amount that you would like to make so here’s the first page of the members area the Welcome page you’re gonna get a little a little welcome hear from Patrick Chang himself and then we’re gonna get the part on how to make money online and about Clickbank.
01:00 Part two how to do internet marketing and part three using CB passive income as the shortcut Y is to be passive income the shortcut it’s because you can have a lot of the work done for you a lot of the email marketing it’s done for you so a lot of the time-consuming tasks and internet marketing are basically going to be done for you so if you guys don’t know what Clickbank is Clickbank is an affiliate marketing network where you can choose to promote products and get a commission. So let’s say for example you get a 50% Commission on something there’s a lot of marketing methods that you have to do however there’s a huge chunk of it that’s done for you with this product which is email marketing and then one of the most difficult parts that the reason why most people don’t make money online is they don’t know how to share their affiliate link to get sales and to get commissions or see any passive income does it does not only do it make that whole process shorter but it gives you the training necessary to teach you how
to get go out there and go get those sales so as you can see here you have paid traffic promotion and you have for each other promotion these two things.You’re going to show you how to get traffic to your affiliate link how to
get started on making money as you can see here welcome to the page traffic promotion training you can just scroll down. I want to go ahead and show you everything here but you have tons tons tons of content here on how to actually start making money with advertising and this just goes on and on video after video and on top of that you’re also gonna get the promotion tools with the videos the training videos and you’re also gonna have let’s say for example you go through the training videos you have a couple questions and you know that you feel like are unanswered for some reason you can click and register for your free training free live training so and like.
02:46 I honestly this is this is a great product and then go back to the training then we have the free traffic promotion training other than the paid traffic which is like advertising on being advertising with paid advertisements etc let’s.
Me just give you a prime example let’s say for example you’re promoting a product that gives you $50 Commission for every sale and the product is weight loss if you type in how to lose weight on Google and give you a random number if you type in how to lose weight on Google it probably gets a hundred thousand searches per month if you have a web page that contains your affiliate link inside the web page and that web page ranks number one on Google, therefore, you would get one hundred thousand three visitors per month to your web page that contains your affiliate link.
03:55 I’m pretty sure you get the point there out of a hundred thousand people. I’m pretty sure a couple thousand would it click here for a link and they would buy and purchase whatever for the product you’re promoting so here’s where they show you exactly how to do that these are some methods that the sky’s the limit to how many times you can decide to do that then you have the inbox pro version fast cash serious advanced tracking Excel. Excel I want to go into detail and show everything that they have to offer here but I just want to show you as an example here I have a Clickbank account here I test basically we’re before I even went into the numbers area I was already using a lot of the methods that they teach you how to use and CB passive income click the first link below in the description I hope you like this review and I hope this review has helped you make a solid in position.

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