3 thoughts on “AlterZon Commission Comparison Plugin Review Going Viral With Affiliate Product Marketing

  1. Hi there, i'm really interest about it
    but there are some questions that i want to ask to you about this product
    can you explain it 🙂

    1. like i can see, when we upload our product is using our affiliate link right?
    but i still confused how about when people want to order from our website?
    after they buy our product? we should buy it from our supplyer or not?
    is it automatic order to our link?

    2. Does we need to build website? buy domain and hosting?
    3. How about if we doesn't know how to build website?
    4. About Email list,,when we get their email,,what should we do?
    we promoted our product? how about if we don't know how to make sales later for promote it?
    5. How about the templete of that store? i saw there are 2 kind of templete website
    Template for fashion and bicycle? how about if we want to sell another product?
    is there any template for it?
    6. How about the TRAFFIC? are we using pay traffic? or free traccif?
    7. Last one, have you already try it?? and how about the result? did you get income from using it?

    I will very happy if you can answer me by email
    this is my email : janwar11november@gmail.com

    thank you so much
    hope you can answer my question soon as possible 🙂

  2. I purchased the pro and platinum version, get it installed and inserted some products fron amazon, ebay, but the display of the store (theme) looks crap, I stuck at there, I sent several support tickets, asking them to help with installing new theme for a better display in my store. always they answer after 24 hrs or more, just saying they received my email and will pass it to relevant person and will get back soon, and if I need any more help? eveytime I send a ticket they reply with the same typical reply! is there a true support person or robots? what pathetic and clumsy this so-called support to be? I have all records and evidences in case needed to prove what i am saying about their crap support, will cancel it and throw this time wasting away, as I did for shopmozo before,, no any quality of support,

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