29 thoughts on “How To Create An Amazon Affiliate Website With Shopify

  1. BEWARE Spreadr app is illegal according to Amazon. I reached out on Chat with Amazon through my affiliate log in and they confirmed. There are instances on when they are legal under TOS, like with AWS, but not like this guy says. They can shut you down… just be warned.

  2. Hello. Thanks for your contents. They are so helpful. I would like to ask to you a question; how can I set up on product page, "view on amazon" ? On my web site, it seems just "add to Card". I couldn`t understand how to change it. I am not sure how is work this payment process. It seems, I will receive payment. But i just want to transfer customers to Amazon from my website. But at this shape, it seems I am selling and I am receiving payments and organising shipments. I don`t want like that.

  3. Outstanding vid, anyone getting into the amazon associates program really need to watch this. The sweetest advice I ever received for my Amazon affiliate projects was to just make sure my links to Amazon definitely worked. Links just often tend to stop working over time, sellers stop selling stuff, things become out of stock etc. Theres some pretty good Amazon link checkers with no cost trials, just Google it. The one I used detected 342 links to unavailable or out of stock items. I hate to think how much commission that lost me over the last few months 🙁

    My sites in the fashion niche but most are the same so here are a few other good bits of advice, look on increasing SERP and amazon Click Through Rates, boosting content SEO, earning backlinks to your site, and create an email list from the start, its traffic on tap then.

    And build a brand, not some generic review site. When visitors come to your site directly because they you see as an authority that's zero cost quality converting traffic.

    And of course, taking advice from affiliate experts like you as well 😉

    But the one bit of advice that doesn't cost a penny… at any point…

    Keep going, don't ever give up. Making money with affiliate marketing takes some time but you'll get there if you put the hard work in 🙂

    Anyhow fantastic video, you've scored another sub here. Don't stop releasing these super cool videos, please!

  4. Helpful video
    Thinking of using the spreader app on shopify site, is there a fee you have to pay Amazon for each of its products you put on your site?

  5. Hi. Thanks for this excellent video. BUT my biggest concern is, Do you think that if we want to create a Real brand, is a good idea to get some stuff from amazon and put into shopify store? I mean that How people see that? Because maybe some people prefer go amazon and buy from them directly, right? I'll really appreciate your answer. Thanks.

  6. Why pay for shopify merchant services since they are not processing any payments? Why not use a platform like WordPress that is free to use?

  7. Maybe a nice vid but cant hear all of it cos ur sound quality is soooo shite! Maybe use a proper mic or at least record the sound seperately on ur smartphone next time

  8. Just a quick word. First, this tutorial is very informational and useful. A few people have mentioned an issue involving the products not being redirected to Amazon. I tried the link provided by UGR:
    and it worked perfectly. Also please be encouraged that I have never written code but was able to follow the instructions on the link provided and it worked perfectly.

  9. Is this mode of work the same as another partner programs? I mean that even if a customer goes to Amazon from my store to continue his shopping directly on Amazon, without returning to my store, will I be counted on a commission from anything else he will buy on Amazon? Or there is counts just direct selling from my Shopify store? Thanks a lot for this video!

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