Affiliate Marketing Done The RIGHT WAY Using YOUTUBE ✅

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In today’s video, we’re going to talk about who’s promoting my product, Commission Hero, the RIGHT WAY on YouTube.

As affiliate marketers, you can use YouTube to promote products that you’re selling & there are several ways that you can do this!

Let’s talk about how you should & should not be promoting affiliate products using YouTube.


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14 thoughts on “Affiliate Marketing Done The RIGHT WAY Using YOUTUBE ✅

  1. Hello, let me tell you my honest and transparent history about this people.

    I bough commission hero, as soon as I paid, even before I get a welcome email from them, I already got an email selling private coaching. To make things worse, when you start to watch the videos, they star to tell you that you need to buy Clickfunnel, another $97 PER MONTH!. Why they don’t tell you this things before you buy the course?

    Also they say you have a 14 days money back guarantee. Lie again, as soon as you watch the first video, you lose your right to get your refund, in case you want it. They claim that if you access the course, you can’t have your money back! But tell me, how a student will be able to find out if the course is good, if they like the content, if it’s the right thing for them without at least accessing few videos? The whole thing is well designed so you can’t get your money back and they wont give a fuck about you! No wonder why Robby is a millionaire by now.

    On Clickbank majority of the courses sold there have a 30 to 60 days money back guarantee, no questions asked, why Commission Hero doesn’t apply by the same rules?

    Than you will have to spend on average $20 per DAY on Facebook ads, just to get your account shutdown, yes, you will also lose more money for Facebook and get your account shutdown.

    When you think you will start to make some money, you’re wrong, you will just lose it. Mean while, they don’t give a damm about you!

    So guys, don’t waste your time and money with this people, just go and find some real, professional, honest courses out there. DON’T BUY COMMISSION HERO, you will regret it, FOR SURE!

  2. Robby, I appreciate very high your way to teach and to fix bad behavior promoting your product or any other product as an affiliate. It was a must teaching and a must correction. I learned a lot as always. Thanks a lot.

  3. Very helpful. Hey Robby i was wondering if you would let me do a monthly payment on commission hero as i am on a social welfare benefit but if i start succeeding within the first month and im positive commission hero will make it happen. But ill will pay the full amount once i seek results through commission hero. Please email or shoot me a message on messenger Whakarau Waaka thanks.

  4. Those are some great tips, Robby! I like the fact that you used your product as an example of how to promote products on youtube which makes it more authentic. Also, the point that you mention about speaking the truth and how you stand by it. Because we all want to make a change and help people become better, love how you support it! Thanks for sharing!

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