Affiliate Marketing, Review For Money -Review for Toddler Toilet Training Seat

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GrowthPic Toddler Toilet Training Seat Ladder with Sturdy Non-Slip Wide Step and Soft Cushion for Girls with Splash Guard(New)

This potty training toilet seat fits toilets ranging in height from 14” to 16.1” from floor to toilet bowl seat.Also folds for easy storage.

This potty chair has a wide non-slip paddle and 8 extra-large anti-skid pads, your little one could turn around and sit down by themselves.

Easy assemble with a love bear coin, and you can choose your own height of the step.

Thickly cushioned seat and easy-to-hold handler provides your little adventures comfort and cofidence for their very first and every time after.

Tips: GrowthPic potty training toilet Does NOT fit toilets over 16.1″ high or a square shape toilet.


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