Pastured Pork – Farrow to Finish And Marketing School Review @FarmBuilder

Pastured Pork – Farrow to Finish And Marketing School Review

This week I had the opportunity to attend Farmbuilder’s Farrow to Finish and Marketing School at J&L Green Farms in Virginia. This is the class taught by Farmbuilder founder Jordan Green and his wife at their farm.

The class was outstanding and very helpful in sharing ideas on how to raise pigs on pasture to scale including farrowing pigs on pasture, weaning piglets, feeding pigs, processing pigs and then marketing your farm in a way that is profitable and sustainable.

The 4 day school is packed with valuable information that anyone interesting in pasture raised pork can use. We discussed equipment used, rotational grazing, paddock setup, feed rations and more. The marketing portion went over farmer’s markets, delivery points, shipping, social media and other ways to promote your farm.

I would highly recommend this class for anyone that may be interested in starting a pastured pig operation all the way to someone who is currently doing a large number of pigs each year.

Sheraton Park Farms practices holistic, sustainable farming and soil building using a rotational grazing model as we try to grow more grass on our farm.

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8 thoughts on “Pastured Pork – Farrow to Finish And Marketing School Review @FarmBuilder

  1. Great review! I hope we’re able to attend a future class. Will look forward to any implementation and innovation you incorporate as a result of your participation. Thank you!

  2. 37 students? I imagine the opportunity to connect was high. How 'bout getting questions answered. I didn't get the chance to go. Don't know if I would have with that participant count. Any comments from attendees?

  3. I try to watch the FarmBuilder page as well, especially after seeing Justin Rhodes interview/tour of his place. It's pretty impressive place.

  4. Great review I hope to get a chance to go in the future. Jordan has been a huge help through his videos. Your channel and his have taught me a lot.

  5. Great video looking to start raising pigs in the future. Have about 20 acres of woods getting some of it cleared now

  6. The marine and his better half are top notch. I loved the class the food and the atmosphere and I want to go back some time also. Todd

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