iPad Pro 2020 Honest Review – Is It Worth It?

Looking for an iPad Pro 2020 Honest Review? Curious if the iPad Pro 2020 is worth it? In this video I’m sharing the pros and cons of the iPad Pro 2020 including the new Apple Pencil 2nd Generation (for iPad Pro) and the Magic Keyboard.

iPad Pro 11 inch:
Apple Pencil (2nd Generation):
Magic Keyboard:
Paperlike Screen Protector (

00:00 iPad Pro 2020 Unboxing and Details
00:56 What I use my iPad Pro for
03:47 What I don’t use my iPad Pro for
04:35 My thoughts on iPad Pro 2020 11″
04:58 Paperlike Screen Protector

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7 thoughts on “iPad Pro 2020 Honest Review – Is It Worth It?

  1. Did you spend any time looking at this model over the newer iPad? My understanding is the keyboard and pencil is better on this one and its better for video editing but perhaps for the stuff you are doing the 2020 iPad is just good enough? I'm really on the fence about what to buy.

  2. It’s seems your basic use is a notebook. While a use I don’t find it the best use. I use to edit photos and to show my portfolio. That for myself is a great use. I use Lightroom mobile, photoshop IPad , Pixelmator photo and smugmug portfolio.

  3. Great review Meredith! I was interested to hear your take on this. Every time a new iPad comes out I try to convince myself I need one, but then I can't see how often I would use it. I would take a lot to move away from my 13"MacBook to the iPad Pro.

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