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iPas 2. What Can It Do?

The iPAS 2 System is a unique funded system that has front end products paying 70% commissions to you. This is before they are introduced to your Empower Network Business. Not in Empower Network, join Empower Network here : then join iPas here and add your Empower Details:

iPAS 2 What Is It?

iPas 2 completely upsells the Empower Network Products for you. It groups the Empower Network into three product packages and will help your prospects to make informed choices as to which package is right for them.

This upsell system is integrated with Personal coaches for people who are “all in” in Empower Network. They will work with you to upsell your prospects, there is a monthly fee for this service however it is not obligatory and you won’t want this anyway until you are “All In”.

There are custom Hangout pages, real time chat within the sales process. it’s completely co brandable for team building etc. Overall it’s a Win/Win situation and I believe is still currently available for free. However, if by the time you read this it is a paid product, it will still worth doing.

iPas 2, is it for you?. Well, if you want more prospects and customers then YES, this is definitely worth having .


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