What Does Super Affiliate System Review (Get $895 In FREE Advertising Mean?

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super affiliate system

Or they might be generating the majority of their earnings as big-time affiliates of John Crestani’s training. No other way to know for sure. But examine this out: when students buy the Super Affiliate System, they get access to a resources section filled with promo materials. A lot of those promo products are for SAS itself Given that, I get the distinct impression that the main purpose of John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System is to turn students into salesmen for the Super Affiliate System.

Unfortunately, it appears all those resources often aren’t adequate When John Crestani does show you success stories that appear legitimate, make sure to check the dates. From what I’ve seen, a number of his best success stories are from 2016 or earlier, which I think about old enough to be worthless. Here’s an example: John has a review from Carlos, in which Carlos says he started affiliate marketing 1.5 years earlier.

Another: John Walton’s review, in which he said he ‘d been doing affiliate marketing considering that 2011. So all of those trainees began in 2013 or earlier when affiliate marketing was still the Wild West yet here we remain in 2020 and John Crestani is still informing their stories. It makes me wonder if he’s lacking more current success stories to talk about A number of John’s more effective trainees appear to have no issue promoting controversial products and/or using questionable marketing strategies.


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