Sagmining. Com Is a PURE SCAM!! FAKE Sag Coin + Payment Proof + Withdraw ((Honest Review))

Sagmining. Com Is a PURE SCAM!! FAKE Sag Coin + Payment Proof + Withdraw ((Honest Review))

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1. Sagcoin is fake virtual currency to cut your pocket.

As you know bitcoin, litecoin are not famous and a lot of people make money by mining this kind of virtual currency in this way, a lot of fake people throw their own fake money to cut the pocket of innocent people because people don’t know how this virtual currency works. it really works and to be honest you won’t find who the real founder of this fake sagcoin is. So why are you going to trust?

2. Use a deep fake plant to deceive innocent people.

Sagmining.Com is another deep scam website to fool people fast, this website will pay you few dollars to get people to trust and promote your website using your referral link and when many people will start to invest this the website will be closed.

3. They don’t have a real business and their location is fake.

They claim that they will help you make money, they also have their own sagcoin which will make you come up with this is totally wrong as they share their business location but you still don’t know who the real founder is or owner of this website. you still don’t know where your office is, neither are there any real people who aren’t faced with photos of team members or videos of mining machines, you won’t find any real material or no sort of real thing to believe on this site, that means they are just showing you false imagination online so you are going to invest money in their fake plan and cut your pocket as they will quickly pay you some dollars to earn your trust and when you invest a lot of money, you will find that your account is suspended and sometimes, You cannot log into your account to protect yourself from the fake people.

4. False profit plan

If you scroll down you will see that they will give you a bunch of bitcoin cloud mining profit plan so you can invest and make daily profits but to be honest this whole plan is for a scam because they give a lot of profit. high without showing him. they, the real mining company and newbies, don’t have enough knowledge to review a website.

Because their website is good looking, but inside they are scam because when you invest they will cut your pocket and you have no support because all of their real identity is hidden, they have enough time to show you that they can make you a good profit, so what? why don’t they mine unlimited bitcoins for them, why are they promoting their plan to you? If they have their own parts and extraction system? So why are they promoting their piece to you? Because all of their plans are bogus and they encourage you to invest in their fake imagination to make money and they easily make money by making a fool of themselves.

So based on my research the Sagmining.Com site is a scam.


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