The New Vacmaster VP200 Chamber Vacuum Sealer Unboxing and Initial Review

I love my Vacuum Sealers, and 2020 seems like it is the year for companies to offer a good number of under $800 Chamber sealers! This is one of Vacmaster’s new models that is aimed at the home user, food truck operator, and those on lower budgets. Check out what comes in the box and my initial review to see what you can expect if you buy one of these! They are in high demand as people are using vacuum sealers for sous vide and food storage to help save on their food budget. I will be doing another video soon comparing this to the Avid Armor Chamber sealer and the Vac 100 sealer.

Still Available on Amazon right now for only $473 with free shipping!

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10 thoughts on “The New Vacmaster VP200 Chamber Vacuum Sealer Unboxing and Initial Review

  1. Thanks for the video, I just ordered one of these today. It's replacing my VP120 that's larger & 68 or so pounds, I'm looking forward to this one being smaller & only 25 pounds

  2. Does the front vacuum port leak on yours (mine does)? If I don’t hold my finger over it there’s not enough vacuum to fully evacuate a bag. Does the seal bar raise prematurely causing the bag to balloon? If anyone is looking at this I would suggest amazon where you can return if needed. The web restaurant place won’t let you return.

  3. Thanks for the very thorough review. I have the VP112S and I thought this might be a good alternative once mine eventually dies. I am surprised by some of the compromises they made like the gasket issue. I appreciate your review. What are your thoughts? As this is something expected to last for years…would it be more worthwhile to spend a few hundred dollars for a higher up model?

  4. I ordered one of these earlier this week.. the Wasserstrom amazon deal is great — esp if you've got an amazon prime card for that 5% back. Thanks so much for this video about what to expect because I havent found a lot about this model.

  5. Thanks for posting an initial review! I ordered one and it came in a week and a half ago. I’ve been using it out of the box with no problems at all. I’ve never had to apply pressure to the lid so it sounds like you got a defective model.

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