Wealthy Affiliate is Not a Scam. It's a Scheme!

This is my honest review of the wealthy affiliate website. I am not trying to promote it in any way other than giving my honest experience with it. If you do join, I will receive no commission from it.
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20 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate is Not a Scam. It's a Scheme!

  1. +53knights Thanks for sharing your review. I found too many positive reviews that were vague. Thanks for being straightforward.

  2. First I want to say I have been a WA member for a few years on and off. Meaning I use it for a while then take some time off. I do understand some of your concerns and have read some of the comments. I do have to say you have been mislead on a few points. The one point I want to say is that you can use more plug-ins on your website than the 4 you initially get. The 4 initial plug-ins are just to get you started. They are for site security and SEO most of all. They help new people learn to build a website without worrying about those things.

    One comment below stated he reached out to one of the owners (Kyle) and "he did not respond." I have also reached out to Kyle for different reasons. I personally have had NO problem getting a response within a day or 2. The problems I have where answered in a timely fashion and resolved. Just my experience.

    Another comment stated "they send a virus to your computer" when he canceled and tried to transfer a domain. I have to say, I have canceled a few domains (2-3) without any issues. My guess is that he got the virus somewhere else and is trying to blame WA. Just my guess.

    Overall, WA is like all the other programs out there that are similar in nature. It's all in what you are willing to put into them. An example would be the Empower Network. Another decent program, however the cost is outrageous compared to WA and a few others. NONE of these companies guarantees any earnings.

  3. I too got sucked into WA for the first week and then one month at $19 on auto payment of $47 thereafter. There was some good stuff on
    there but I find that their web sites are harder to build than other sites I have had. WA is almost like a Pyramid schemes and or Ponzi schemes. All they want you to build are sites promoting there site, I'm sure at first when they
    started people were buying like crazy but now all you see are 100's of web-sites pointing to join WA.Well that is my take on it. Stay Away or take the first week and learn what you can and use it someplace else.

  4. Very detailed video, however you got a few things wrong there. You can use as many plugins as you want with your siterubix, however they suggest using 5 or so because the more plugins you install into WordPress the more issues you might run into.

    Now hosting… I used Hostgator for several years until they started giving me days of downtime with ZERO support. Which means I lost quite a bit of money, site visitors and ultimately rankings. WA hosting is actually pretty amazing compared to Hostgator, BlueHost and many other brands owned by EIG.

    Another point, I have met Kyle and Carson and I have actually seen them reply to members' comments on WA. They definitely are real and they do participate in the community.

    You can also find most of the information available at WA for free. The problem is that there is no structure or a clear path to follow with all the info you can find. What I like the most about WA is their step-by-step training. It is super easy to get overwhelmed as a beginner and WA solves this issue by offering a very easy to follow training.

    When I joined WA they didn't have a starter membership. In my opinion, offering a free level membership was one of the best things they did. This helps people decide if they like what they see and if it's worth it for them to move on to premium. You decided it wasn't a right fit for you so you didn't go premium. Some others will see different value and will get a different feel from WA.

    I have been a member of WA for the past 8 years and I've been making a
    full time living from small niche websites that I was able to build
    because of WA. I have traveled to over 30 countries because my business is location independent. So WA definitely changed my life and it worked for me, however it's not for everyone. Starting an online business is definitely not for everyone.

  5. Hey +53knights great video…….would you say it would at least be a good idea to try the trial in order to watch just the training videos and not do the premium membership? In other words, just get the knowledge but not go all the way.

  6. You're one person and one experience verses the hundreds of thousands of wealthy affiliate members and their experiences. When you purchase a car don't you research online to see the safety ratings, see what other people are saying about the car, test drive it, look under the hood, check to see if everything is working, the lights, air condition, heater, etc. before making the purchase? Or do you go to the car dealer kick the tires and then make the purchase? The latter is what you have done with wealthy affiliate.

  7. I joined them about 4 months ago and one thing that you need to know is once you join then try to close that domain they send a virus to your computer so that you cant open that same site on another host provider.   That's not Cool!  If their programs is so good then why do they have to do that!

  8. You can get premium membership for $20 a month if you buy it within your free trial period. Not defending the program but just saying. I think $20 a month to start affiliate marketing the right way is pretty good especially compared to all the other crap on the internet that I have run into. Domains you can also get for 3$ and change or so if you know where to go.

  9. +53knights I would like to add one more thins. I purchased Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership and tried it out. At the end I had difficulties reaching out for the owners Kyle as he did not respond to my messages (true fact). Why? Because I wanted to cancel my membership AND transfer the domain to another HOST. I lost the fight unfortunately AND all my content!!! Yes, it takes time to learn how to build an online business and it is a procedure like all things in life. There isn't REALLY a short way to wealth online. Buy a domain and a host and start building a website from scratch for something you are interested in and see if you are the person for this business OR you are just desperate to earn money easily. Good luck! PS: even as a PREMIUM you don't get JAAXY (Keyword tool) for free. After 30 searches you have to buy a monthly package! Although they have their own Keyword tool from within the Wealthy Affiliate system THEY offer another Keyword tool!

  10. thanks as you share your best videos reviews of wealthy affiliate in this video I liked much ' here you should read some complaints of wealthy affiliate before going to join' you also may find best solution of these complaints of this best affiliate program to earn money I hope you will be highly surprised by my complaints as you see this great video.

  11. I also joined wealthy affiliate as a free member.  As they say, you get what you paid for.  I also ran across Jay (lazy ass stoner).  I am far more impressed by Jay than WA.   At least I'll be paying for something I'm using and not added commission too.

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