Drop Shipping vs Affiliate Marketing – Which is BETTER?

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In this video you will find out what I think is better to start with – dropshipping or affiliate marketing.

When I was starting my own make money online journey Shopify dropshipping didn’t even exist. And the main way how you were able to make money online was affiliate marketing. Of course, if you were not selling your own product (digital or ecommerce) or service.

Over the last year drop shipping business model exploded on the Internet. All sorts of courses and training popped up teaching and explaining how to start a Shopify store and drop ship product from AliExpress.

These days dropshipping is competing with affiliate marketing when it comes to making money online.

I personally tried both of these business models. And my opinion that I share in this video is based on my personal experience.

I put drop shipping vs affiliate marketing into comparison and explain why I think one is better than another.

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7 thoughts on “Drop Shipping vs Affiliate Marketing – Which is BETTER?

  1. Would you tell me if product is defective…. Then customer will contact me or Amazon…
    My second question after how much time I payment through amazon affiliate… Means if someone purchase from my affiliate link then can I get payment instantly or not…

  2. I have question about Affiliate Marketing though. What is your oppinion. How far actually the bussiness model could go? Can affiliate marketer become milionaire. And if it does, how long it takes?

  3. with all my respect sir, affiliate marketing is not easy as you have describe it, now the prospect has become very skeptical and researches shows that a client think 7 times before he or she can make a buying decision, and about the article the affiliate marketer has 9 seconds to grab the attention of the client or he is dead, if you write an article it wil not be ranked in Google in the next month or even next 3 months, don't forget that affiliate marketing you must find targeted traffic which is not the case for dropshipping, for example with eBay the traffic is already there.

  4. Thanks very informative. Would be lovely if you do a few lessons in affiliate marketing with real examples. Thanks.
    You mentioned before that you aren't into programming and the more technical side of things so how did you set up those websites? Someone built it for you? Are you targeting the anglo saxonic market or you taking advantage of the other languages you speak? I always think that I'm not doing enough on monetize this aspect but I never tried and this would mean another website to manage🤔🤔

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