Review – Legit 200% ROI or Big Scam? | NON Affiliate Review | Not Trying To Win Contest! Smart Contract Review. What they don’t tell you.
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In this review of Tronex, find out about their founders (admins), their addresses, registration, products, compensation plan and affiliate program.

Also I have noticed that there are a ton of fake reviews created by affiliates for a contest paying out low prize amounts (which are ridiculously low and I can’t believe people are lying for such low payouts).

The good news is this review of Tronex, is unbiased and not sugar coated with lies.


18 thoughts on “ Review – Legit 200% ROI or Big Scam? | NON Affiliate Review | Not Trying To Win Contest!

  1. Good review. I love how you pointed out the facts that everyone can investigate for themself. There would be so fewer scams if people would just devote a bit of their time to get their homework before blindly follow like sheeps.

  2. I agree with your video but why not take advantage of a company that is paying 12% a day. It will be gone in about 3 months plenty of time before ROI

  3. awesome review, i saw all them but yours is the first from a professional perspective. Could you please also check for the next video the platform betfury?!

  4. Oh yeah Rory i been hearing alot about this.Its like the new hot thing on the block and what do u know its the same people that have been pushing forsage cyberchain is pushing this.Now I dont know if their followers learn from their mistakes or just gonna continue getting burned until they learn from their mistakes

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