Build Redirects Review | Click & Conversion Tracking | Affiliate Marketing

Build Redirects Review | Click & Conversion Tracking | Affiliate Marketing

Too many online marketers are…
– Wasting money on solo ads or other traffic sources and getting duplicate clicks losing money…
– Selling solo ads and losing money because no traffic overflow control…
– Sending emails daily without tracking who clicked, who bought and other important analytics…
– Running affiliate marketing campaigns that are failing because they aren’t optimized…
– Spending thousands of dollars on Facebook advertising…
– Most importantly losing out on commissions and sales because of dead pages and links…

That Stops NOW!!!

This Click & Conversion Tracking Software Can Do This…
– Create simple redirect links to maintain your branding
– Create “Link Funnels” to ensure all your traffic goes where you desire
– Protect yourself against dead pages with our Error 404 detection
– Collect more quality leads with our optimize bars and popups
– Redirect geo-targeted traffic to the right offers
– Filter junk clicks from your campaigns
– Send mobile traffic to mobile-friendly pages automatically
– Safe-Guard your commissions with our link cloaking
– Use custom variables to track almost anything you want

It’s time You had a complete “Traffic Control Center” that gives you the flexibility and Full Control to Maximize your ROI…

Build Redirects Review | Click & Conversion Tracking | Affiliate Marketing

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