ClickSaleBank Review & Bonusđź’ĄHow to Make Money with Clickbank Affiliate Marketingđź’ĄClick Sale Bank

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ClickSaleBank Academy Review and Bonus

Name Of This Product: ClickSaleBank Academy.
Here your customers will be getting full access to each step of the academy process. They’ll be getting 2 different methods, the Super-Easy method which doesn’t require anything to have (Without Domain, Hosting, or Email List). And the Money Friendly method which make them able to make 8X more sales than the first method but needs a hosting
Also every tool that is being used and they need to use is covered IN DETAILS.
And if they have any question, there is a support.
It’s like to catch their hands, walk through the entire process, and explain every STEP they need to make their sales on ClickBank.

OTO 1:
Name Of This OTO: Ultimate ClickSaleBank Academy.
OTO 1 is going to be our ultimate academy level so your customers can access the Easy-Email method and the Advanced-Email method.
In both these two methods, they will be able to 12X their sales through email marketing.
And we have started from the zero level, so, even if they don’t know ANYTHING about what is called “Email-Marketing”, they will be able to make hundreds if not thousands dollars per DAY!
Name Of This OTO: 17 Profitable Offers To Promote “The Gold Offers”
Making sales on ClickBank is all about choosing the profitable offer, right? Because if everything is GREAT and the offer is NOT as good as much enough, your customers will end up losing money.
Of course, We have covered how to choose the profitable offer in our training, but let’s face it: It’s time consuming to find profitable offers. So we have done the work for your customers and list X profitable offers on Clickbank
Name Of This OTO: Bing & Microsoft Ads Secrets by CSB
Knowing your audience is the difference between a real marketer and a normal person.
And hiding ads on competitors is crucial for lowering ad spend. But if you ask your customers to search for: “Hide ads on microsoft ads”, “Hide ads on competitors”, Or anything similar to this topic, they will end up with EMPTY HANDS. Honestly, We don’t know any person who does his experiments and figure out this trick. We paid almost $3425 for campaigns to figure out this trick.
Anyway, this has TWO plans, one to get “Bing Audience Secrets By CSB” AND “Hide Ads From Your Competitors”.
The second plan to get Only “Hide Ads From Your Competitors” Only. If your customers get the first plan, they’ll be able to:
Target the right audience (Higher Conversion Rate)
Hide their ads on their competitors (Lower Ad Spend).
Improve your ad score and CTR
Name Of This OTO: 3 DFY PROFITABLE Campaigns. Run & EARN Now!
OTO 4 is going to be our campaigns that we’ve earned almost $4000 from them. These campaigns will be in their hands with full step-by-step training on how to use them (We will repeat our training in short for this OTO).
This also has TWO plans, one to get 3 DFY campaigns and one to get 1 DFY campaigns, and your customers will get for each campaign:

ClickSaleBank Review & Bonusđź’ĄHow to Make Money with Clickbank Affiliate Marketingđź’ĄClick Sale Bank

FE One-Time:
Starts at $19 From 3rd to 4th of Nov at Midnight (23:59:59 EST)
Then goes up to $23 from 4th to the end of launch on 7th Nov
Then the price will be increased from $23 to $157 – Play on this HARD… to close out STRONG!

OTO1 One-Time: $47 with a downsell at $37

OTO2 One-Time: $27

OTO3 One-Time: This OTO has TWO Plans:

First Plan: “Hide Ads From Your Competitors” + “Bing Audience Secrets” at $147
Second Plan: “Hide Ads From Your Competitors” ONLY at $127

With a downsell for the second plan “Hide Ads On Microsoft Ads” at $97

OTO4 One-Time: Also this OTO has TWO Plans:

First Plan: 3 DFY Campaigns $157
Second Plan: 1 DFY Campaign $127.

With a downsell for second plan 1 DFY Campaign at $97


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  1. Great once more! I personally love affiliate marketing. Right now I'm making ~ $200 per day with Clickbank and free traffic, but I tried for quite some time before seeing any profit. That's just cuz I didn't work seriously and I wanted to generate income without following any guide or tutorial. But then, last month I randomly saw David Strain Profit Strategy on Google and started earning money within a couple of days! I'm so happy haha!!

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