What Kind of Website Do I Need for Affiliate Marketing? – Example of an Affiliate Marketing Website

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In this video you will find out what is the best affiliate marketing website for highest conversions and sales. I also show you real life examples of what does an affiliate marketing website look like. I will tell you what is the best theme for affiliate marketing both free and paid. And what are the details you have to pay attention to so that you website converted visitors into buyers effectively.

This video should help you to get an idea how you can start an affiliate marketing website. I don’t go into the technical part on how to actually setup the website, install the WordPress platform, theme and plugins. There are many video tutorials out there on YouTube. However, I might create a tutorial myself in future. If you want me to do it – drop a comment to this video!

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8 thoughts on “What Kind of Website Do I Need for Affiliate Marketing? – Example of an Affiliate Marketing Website

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  2. I know this video is several years old but man you had such a dry, expressionless and robotic personality. In fact I'd say you lacked a personality. I know this is a very bold and tough comment, but I'm only doing so as constructive criticism. I'm just gonna say it, the video is very boring. You need to SMILE at the very least! A simple freaking smile would have done wonders. I mean it man you've got to make the video interesting! Cheers and I hope you don't take my comment the wrong way.

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