Bon Musica Violin Shoulder Rest Product Review – Tall Violin Metal Shoulder Rest

The Bon Musica violin shoulder rest is a $50+ shoulder rest that will help you find comfort in your violin playing setup. But is it worth? Watch the full product review.

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Eric Mrugala is from Chicago, IL and started playing the violin at the age of three. He is an active performer and teacher based Massachusetts. Eric is dedicated to erasing lines between audiences and music through performance, and education.


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5 thoughts on “Bon Musica Violin Shoulder Rest Product Review – Tall Violin Metal Shoulder Rest

  1. I have one and really love it. It's actually quite light and I have never had my arm or shoulder become tired from it. It's very flexible and you can bend almost any part of it to fit your body. I have no problem with the foam. It stays in place and doesn't flip around the way you were doing it. You can also cut the length if you need to. I have never had it scratch my violin or anyone else's. As someone mentioned, I only had some trouble getting it to fit me. The adjustments took a while and I needed to match up the height of a different one, to get it to fit well. I would buy another one and maybe get some help with the adjustments. Otherwise, it really helped me to support my violin with little effort from me. I can hold my violin up under my chin with great ease. The one other thing is that it won't fit in the slot beside my violin, inside the case. I have to use the zip pocket on the outside because of its width. Not that big of a deal. I really like it and would say it's worth the effort to get it to fit properly and for the price. I've had it for about 2 years.

  2. I think he was already against the bonmusica. He didn't explain why the rubber was loose, because it can adjusted, most shoulder rest cannot be adjusted so the rubber is glued to a fix position. I own 2 after several different other makes, and bonmusica is the best for adjusting

  3. Just a suggestion. If you are going to review a product, please do your homework. Bonmusica is made in Germany. It weights 4.8 ounces for a full size rest. All parts are replaceable, even the little screws.

    Since you are trying to accommodate a longer neck, you might also try a taller chin rest.

  4. All parts are replaceable, even the individual bendable metal. I have used Bonmusic for 15 years on both violin and viola. The only downside I found was with all the different adjustments it took a long time to get it adjusted correctly. I did have that lower screw poke me, but I was able to finesse the adjustments to solve the problem. No shoulder rest is for everyone, but for me this one is great. I had one of the bendable pieces finally break and was able to purchase just that piece. A quick google search will show how simple that is. I have never had the problem of scratching the instrument. I like it because it takes all the strain off of my left shoulder. I personally think this is well worth it’s price.

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