Affiliate Marketing Course Review – Entrepreneur Affiliates Mastery – Anthony Alfonso

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In this video, I review Anthony Alfonso’s Entrepreneur Affiliates Mastery course. This course is a brand new course and is arguably the best affiliate marketing course that covers everything you need to become a successful affiliate marketer.

I explain why I bought the course as a beta student, give a demo of the content, describe the mentor-ship that Anthony provides and reveal one thing that makes this course unique and sets it apart from other courses.

The course is very in-depth and covers the following topics and much more:
Module 1 (Affiliate Networks)
Affiliate Networks Revealed
How To Get In ANY Affiliate Network
Big MONEY Offers To Promote
Evergreen Niches To Promote
Good VS Bad Affiliate Offers
Affiliate Managers 101

Module 2 (Competitive Spying)
Intro Into Competitive Intelligence
Spying On Super Affiliates
Manual Spying Part 1
Manual Spying Part 2
Manual Spying Part 3
Best Paid Spying Methods
Viral Traffic Secrets

Module 3 (Landing Pages)
Introduction Into Landing Pages
Best Landing Pages
Advanced Funnel Psychology
Advanced Landing Page Strategies
Landing Page Setup For ANY Affiliate Offer
Good VS Bad Landing Pages
Outsourcing Landing Pages
Pure Value Strategy

Module 4 (Tracking)
Introduction Into Tracking
Understanding Tracking Terms
Beginner Tracking Overview
Advanced Tracking Overview
How To Set Up Custom Domains
Expert Tracking Campaign REVEAL
How To Track Affiliate Sales Collecting Emails

Module 5 (Email Marketing)
Introduction Into Email Marketing
Email Marketing
Full Email Campaign
Spying On Emails
Insight On Building Emails
Scaling Email Marketing Campaigns
Outsourcing Emails

Module 6 (Fan Pages)
Secrets Behind Facebook Fan Pages
Full Fan Page Set Up
Best Messenger Bots
Messenger Bot Mastery

Module 7 (Facebook)
Business Manager Tactics
Unspoken Truth About Facebook Rules
Good VS Bad Facebook Ads
Advance Swipe Secrets
Affiliate Marketing Pixel Secrets
How To Laser Target Affiliate Offers
Dark Posts VS Existing Posts
Creating Your First Campaign
How To Get 800 Ad Accounts
How To Optimize Campaigns
When To KILL Campaigns
Scaling Campaigns
Scaling For Success
Retargeting Madness
Outsourcing Automation

Module 8 (Bing)
Introduction Into Bing Ads
Bing Affiliate Marketing Overview
Best Bing Affiliate Offers To Promote
FREE Bing Spying
Bing Paid Spying
Building Profitable Bing Ad Copy
Understanding Keyword Types
Brand Bidding VS Broad Bidding
Bing Accounts 101
How To Direct Link Bing Campaign
How To Use Presell Landers On Bing Ads
Combining Bing with Facebook Ads
Understanding Bing Back Office
Negative Keyword List
Advanced Testing Formula
Advanced Scaling For Bing Campaigns

Module 9 (BONUS) Done For You Campaigns




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  1. OK so you got it as a 'beta' which means you didnt pay full price (if at all?) is it worth $997. And now its nearly one month on from posting the video how many campaigns have you done and how much profit have you made????

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