17 thoughts on “The Simple 3 Step Success Formula For Affiliate Marketing

  1. This is my third video listened to and I like the type of content on several levels, but flat on the live, because many redundancies and lengths, although some questions have led to good thinking. I love your approach and your way of thinking. Keep content creation in the foreground, but open to discovery.

  2. I love your realness man, and your trainings… QUICK QUESTION: If I wanna use Thrive to create posts and landing pages to offers and upsells…What platform is best to deliver courses with videos, audios, pdfs, etc? (thrive w/ thrive cart or Samcart or Kajabi or something else cheaper?)

    PS Quick thought…Try to go easy on Russell Brunson, he is after all your top 3 recommended resources on your site when I just looked haha, and for good reason. But I feel ya man on the IM world and 90% of what's going on out there. It's refreshing seeing your stuff.

  3. Just hit the 30 day mark on my 90 day challenge … losing a little steam … and hearing you talk about not making any dough from the blog for 6 months to a year … a little disheartening … I will keep at it … was hoping for a little victory though … any words of wisdom?

  4. Thank you so much. I gained so much value from this. I have been sitting on the fence about starting a YouTube channel for a year now. You have definitely encouraged me to start today! 90 day challenge come at me!!

  5. YESSSS.. come to Panama Miles and Melanie! You are invited to stay in one of my vacation rentals for FREE (just not between xmas and March as am already full πŸ™‚ Cheers! Panama Sarah

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