How to Make Money on Instagram With Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has been around since the dawn of the digital age. Wolf Millionaire explains how to make money using Amazon Associates Affiliate marketing using Instagram.

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35 thoughts on “How to Make Money on Instagram With Amazon Affiliate Marketing

  1. Basic rule, do not believe anyone who posts photos with money on their laps, luxury cars background, etc…

  2. I remember I was reading somewhere online about a guy using the website called InstaFamous Pro to get instagram followers, then made money from the followers

  3. I just earnt $40 from getting sponsorships on my Instagram account, but I used the website Instafamous Pro to get enough followers first

  4. I earnt $40 by linking to an affiliate program in the bio on my Instagram but I had help from the site InstaFamous Pro to start getting followers

  5. I think I read somewhere on youtube about someone using the site InstaFamousPro to get lots of Instagram followers, then started making a lot of money with all the followers that way

  6. Impressive vid, everyone getting into the amazon affiliate program defo need to watch this. The wisest words I ever received for my Amazon affiliate sites was to actually make sure my sites links to Amazon definitely worked. They just often tend to break eventually, sellers stop selling stuff, things go out of stock and so on. Theres quite a few Amazon link checkers with no cost trials, just Google it. The one I used found 342 Amazon links to unavailable or no longer stocked items. I facepalm when I think what commission that cost my webiste over the years 🙁

    I operate in the wedding niche but most are the same so here are some other good bits of advice, focus at increasing SERP and amazon Click Through Rates, tweaking content SEO, earning backlinks to your website, and build your email list from the start, its traffic on demand then.

    And build a respected brand, not some generic review site. If people visit to your site first because they you see as an authority that's free quality converting web traffic.

    And obviously, taking notice of affiliate experts just like you as well 😉

    But the one tip that doesn't cost a dime… at any point…

    Keep going, don't ever give up. Earning good money with the amazon affiliate program takes time but you'll get there in the end if you put the hours in 🙂

    Anyways fantastic video, you have earned yet another sub from me. Don't stop releasing these super knowledgeable vids, pretty please!

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