V Shred Review » Most Comprehensive (NOT an Affiliate)

What’s up, VivaFam? In this video, we cover not only know the pros and cons of V Shred, but also (a) if it’s for you – quite a few of the negative V Shred reviews seem to be about mismanaged expectations, and (b) we’ll separate the science from the marketing jargon on V Shred’s website so you know what you’re really getting and if you can get it elsewhere.

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DISCLAIMER: Please always check with a medical professional before following any health & fitness advice including ours. These videos are for educational purposes only. No official health & fitness advice is being given. Never listen to anyone online who tells you to not check with a professional!


22 thoughts on “V Shred Review » Most Comprehensive (NOT an Affiliate)

  1. What a complete and knowledgeable review, answered all the questions filling my mind, I feel totally comfortable making an informed decision thanks to you two.

  2. Great review. This really helped me understand what the program was about and make a solid decision on whether to try the program or not. Thanks!

  3. After reading the reviews from people whose credit cards were fraudulently charged multiple times and all the complaints made to BBB, I'll pass.

  4. Thank you Coach Viva Team for the unbiased review. One thing i expected to be in your "con" section was that this company offers no proof and/or 3rd party studies that shows their product/procedure actually produces weight loss…at least not in the 20 minute thier promo video i watched today

  5. I came here to get a unbiased review of the Vshred program, and find myself more interested at this point in your program. Is there a way I can talk to someone specifically about questions I may have about taking your course instead of Vshred?

  6. Please review Optavia! I've been doing it for 2 months now and have lost 20lbs which is great but I'm terrified to get off the plan! But eating this same stuff everyday is killing me

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