How To Make Money With Pinterest Affiliate Marketing – Beyond Just Posting Affiliate Links!

Learn 3 ways you can make money with Pinterest affiliate marketing. 100% beginner friendly!

With over 250 million monthly users, Pinterest is a great place for your affiliate links… But, is publishing affiliate links as pins enough?

Pinterest made an update a little over a year ago that allowed you to publishing direct amazon affiliate links to pinterest along with links from other affiliate networks.

This Pinterest update brought many spammers to the platform simply publishing affiliate pins.

To truly make good income on Pinterest through affiliate marketing you do need to stand out above the noise by integrating an effective affiliate marketing strategy.

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In a previous video my wife and I shared our exact strategy for marketing on Pinterest revealing exactly how we use Pinterest pins and Pinterest boards to drive traffic:

Now that above pinterest marketing video is still very relevant although the platform has experienced a few changes since then and the software tool we were using in that video is no longer working.

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This is the exact course my wife and I are studying and implementing in order to gain over 2.5 million impressions per month from Pinterest and nearly 1 million visits to our website each year.

Some niches that have the best chance to make money with Pinterest are: clothing, fashion, jewelry, knitting, crafting, home decor, home remodel, DIY home upgrades, landscaping, outdoor living, camping, travel, etc.

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Now that you know how to get traffic from Pinterest for affiliate marketing, go forth and start creating excellent value for your users and then creating new pins or doors to your great content from Pinterest…

This really is the key to success with affiliate marketing on Pinterest.

Start the transcript of the How To Make Money With Pinterest Affiliate Marketing Video below.

I am super bullish on Pinterest right now and very few people and marketers are talking about Pinterest as far as the traffic method for brand building, et cetera. That’s what we’re going to dive into in this video. I think affiliate marketing is a great business model.

So Pinterest, the first thing you need to understand is that it’s kind of a, a Mashup of a search engine and also a social bookmarking website. It is the largest image based search engine in the world, which means you’re able to publish your pins and you can do SEO, which is search engine optimization.

This means you can add detailed descriptions, titles, and Hashtags to your actual Pinterest pins. When a user searches for a relevant idea, you’ve added lots of relevant text in hashtags around your pins. Pinterest knows that your pin image is actually relevant to that which they searched. So this is how Pinterest works really well. As a discovery platform, you’re able to get your content discovered by people who are searching for interesting things.

Then there’s the social bookmarking side of Pinterest, and that means that when a user finds a pin, they find interesting, they’re able to Repin it to one of their boards.

Let’s say, I think one of the, or actually a good example of how a lot of people use Pinterest, they might have a board that is like home remodeling or landscape remodeling.

When they’re looking around on Pinterest for landscape design ideas and they see an image of a paver stone walkway out the back door to a barbecue grill area in the backyard, they might think, wow, someday that’s exactly what I’m going to make in my backyard. Let me Repin that to my landscape design board so it’s there waiting for me when I’m ready.

Now we’re just exiting winter. People are dreaming about barbecues but not many people were building barbecue areas yet. But in a couple of months it’s game on for that season.

So this is how Pinterest is used is really, we searched for ideas, we searched for inspiration, we searched for things and then we pin the ideas we like best to our boards like social bookmarking, right?

So it’s search first, then it’s social bookmarking. When the timing is right we go back to our board cause it’s like okay this is the weekend we’re going to jump in on DIY landscaping project. Let’s go look at that Pinterest board Friday night before prepping for the weekends work and really lay out your game plan from there. At this point the Pinterest user goes back to your pin, to click on it and reach your blog post, or your pinterest affiliate link because they saved the pin until the timing was right.


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  1. I have 200k monthly views on Pinterest but I don't know what to do next😕
    I don't know how much followers and views I want to make money 😕
    Would you like to tell me?

  2. In the post from the following link, you’ve mentioned that by using TTO formula you got 5k visits a day in 2019, but under the “write pre-sale content” section you’ve mentioned that you get upwards of 20,000 unique visitors every month, so which of them is correct? because I want to know what traffic numbers are realistically possible.
    Also from the same post, under building a brand you have written that building a brand is the way to get real long term affiliate marketing success, but under “write pre-sale content” section you have written that you recommend this method if you are just starting out, so since I am considering starting out with Pinterest and want to have a brand associated with my pins, what would you recommend to do?

  3. No. But I'm a startup in the sales/marketing game, of which affiliate marketing and referral marketing currently interest me alot and I'm right at the door of starting this thing, about to put together my website

  4. The keyword thing don’t work for me I even used the same hashtags as the person with the number one post I really need help I’m starting to get defeated trying to do affiliate marketing

  5. Your second affiliate plan sounds like it could work with infographics as well.
    Btw, it'd be great if you linked your Pinterest account in your channel description. After hearing about it, I wanted to see it 😸

  6. ok seriously THE best beginner breakdown once i finished lol … that I have seen yet and I've been overwhelmed searching for months! Thank you for being clear and implementing what you preach (being transparent about your affiliate connection to the course) headed there now!

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