Euan Copeland on Affiliate Marketing, Forex Scam, and Dividend Investing – RPP. 14

Welcome to episode 14 of the Rise Productive Podcast! In this week’s episode of the Rise Productive Podcast, I have on Euan Copeland. He’s a personal finance YouTuber whose channel is doing amazing right now! In the episode, we talk about affiliate marketing, forex scams, and dividend investing.

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0:00 – Start
0:34 – Euan’s Background
3:57 – Accounting is Kind of Boring
5:44 – Euan’s YouTube Channel
8:03 – Growing / Learning Skills on YouTube
14:27 – Thumbnails / Click-Through Rate
17:35 – Analytics Expectations Inflation
24:20 – Investing / Dividends
28:07 – Cameras / Recording Equipment
31:20 – Gordon Ramsay
35:18 – Forex Scammers / Online Courses
40:25 – Affiliate Marketing / Monetizing Your Brand
55:17 – Creating Consistent Content
1:02:20 – The “Beer Thing” Update (a month old)
1:06:17 – Boris Johnson Getting The “Beer Thing”
1:08:41 – College Loans in the UK
1:19:21 – The “Beer Thing”


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46 thoughts on “Euan Copeland on Affiliate Marketing, Forex Scam, and Dividend Investing – RPP. 14

  1. I didn't expect you to like Gordon Ramsay aswell but I am totally glad you do!

    I don't watch the shows like hells kitchen or hotel hell much but I absolutely respect and like him. Just finished to read his biography from 2006/7 and I have so much more respect for him now.

    Nice Podcast as always of course. I slowly beginning to catch up with your videos now 😀

  2. Great podcast Demetri! I always appreciate the content here! Great Buffet shoutout Euan! He does earn nearly a BILLION from his BAC holdings per year just from dividends!

  3. Hey guys, I just watched this entire video and I want to congratulate you both on having such a fantastic conversation! Been following both of you now for a while and it was great to just hear you have a chat – was interested and could relate to pretty much everything discussed! @Demetri – you’re a brilliant host! I’m going to check out a few of your other podcast videos now after seeing this! How do you go about setting this up? Are you both just recording with your own cameras as you chat through a Skype/Teams call or equivalent? I lived the whole convo, but the consistency is key has really stuck with me – something I knew for sure before, but always great to have a reminder! I’ve been trying to stay consistent with my YouTube videos lately, but it’s definitely difficult at times – then again, as I always say “Anything worthwhile takes time (and effort)”

    Thanks again for this guys – looking really forward to seeing and hearing more 👍👀

  4. Love the idea of the 10-1 rules..just doimg what you love without looking for anything in return is a good way to get people to engage with you..people recognize the real more than you know…just be genuine in what you choose to put out

  5. I agree with what he said that not every video should be aimed at making money, and some should just be used to share knowledge. Great interview Demetri 🙂

  6. Euan is a great guest! I started listening but will finish it throughout the week. Team iPhone for filming is definitely the most cost-effective choice too, I'm in the same boat and haven't splurged on a camera just yet hahaha keep it up guys!

  7. Haha, Gordon Ramsay would always call people donkeys 🤣🤣 “You Donkey!!” Also, def still support a scammers video, that would be gold!!

  8. I know some very creative accountants! You could basically call them magicians, the way they make taxes disappear..

    Great podcast guys. I watch both you guys closely from the sidelines so great to see you teaming up and saved me a job stalking you both individually for a day.

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