Displate Review | is it Worth the Money?

This Video Is A review of Displate

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40 thoughts on “Displate Review | is it Worth the Money?

  1. Hi. Wonder how wall gets after remove the peal paper from it. Does it remove paint from wall or even the paper get glued to the wall?
    What about the frames for displate?
    Can you please answer some of this questions for me so i can decide if it worth the purchase!?

  2. I wanted to get one but then I realized most of the images are user uploaded images that break copyright and displate simply takes the "we'll take it down if someone says something but otherwise do nothing" approach.

  3. I'm going into a rented space, will these wall stickers leave any lasting marks upon removal? also is it possible to get new wall stickers?

  4. I bought 2 Lg ones from Displate… i like them and i agree they dont look as good as they do online. But i still love my Displate

  5. Idk, I bought one and the quality was not where I expected it from the photos. Wasn't nearly as crisp of an image and the metal is just cheap feeling tin or something. Its a shame because there are some really cool designs but I don't think I will be spending that type of money for one again.

  6. I purchased a picture on the 6th of July and i still haven’t received a
    n email with the order details yet so i cant even track it i contacted there “customer support” 4 days ago and I still haven’t got a reply i should have got it by now but I haven’t so far they’ve been happy to take my money and give me nothing in return I ended up having to go to reddit for advice i should have gotten from customer support

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