Amazon Affiliate Marketing For Beginners – $500 PER DAY

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Amazon Affiliate Marketing For Beginners – $500 PER DAY

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In this video, I’m gonna tell you about Amazon Affiliate Marketing and how can grow your online business even you are a Beginners.
Im gonna show you the steps and example in this video so watch this:

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23 thoughts on “Amazon Affiliate Marketing For Beginners – $500 PER DAY

  1. I started to affiliate 1 month ago, i have posted on instagram and fb. But till now no 1 ordered, But 1045 people are watching everyday. What can I do?

  2. Hi Nathan, good video for those just starting out! If anyone is thinking to promoting an affiliate offer the key is to get good traffic for free or at a low cost since many of the traffic sources are just too expensive to make money out of the gate. I recently came across a really new way to help affiliate marketers promote any offer using an automated text response phone system. You can now promote any offer using just a phone number. You do not have to actually talk since the system answers the call with a recorded message and then sends a response text with a marketing message. I think this is the coolest think I have seen in a long time and can really help a lot if you don't want to actually talk with callers yourself.
    If anyone wants to see what I mean simply call me at: 470-248-4972. Once you call you will hear a recorded message and then be sent a text. If you follow through and respond to the text messages you should be able to see how this could be used to promote almost any offer. Affiliate marketers or any business owner can really benefit from this automated texting system. I should mention that to get this service is not free and does cost $100 but looks like it is definitively worth it. After you call you will be sent a link that describes the text bot in full detail to see if it is a fit for you. Hope this is helpful. Dave

  3. Hi, Thanks for sharing but I'm having an issue in the free ebook that you just mentioned. I wrote down my email on your website and I received your email. But the link for the ebook is not there.

  4. Winner of a video, been searching for "ewen chia affiliate program" for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried – Neyameron Xiydeline Method – (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my m8 got cool results with it.

  5. Lazy human-beings, listen to me , a profitable place online on the way to let you draw investment On your pc is this vicinity: H o m e p a y .Me , Prevent postponing and attempt it.

  6. Hello bud, just want to ask what happens if you didn't yet send your tax info and you were able to sell something from your website? Is Amazon going to credit that to you when you will be able to provide them your TIN? Thanks.

  7. The problem is-
    1. Even if you make a site and put all that stuff on it and some one googles your nitch, millions of search results come up. So your one out of like 20 million.
    2. When you choose a nitch (its likely) some one ells already chose it and they are making money off of it. So you have millions of people all using the same nitch, its you out of millions making it hard to get traffic.
    So a better question is, how to get around these problems?

  8. Oh yes! Dave Lee! His content is bar-none one of the best on YouTube's tech space. I bought my laptop and a few other gaming accessories because of his videos.

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