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Progressive Web Apps Agency by MobiFirst :

Progressive web apps (PWAs) were introduced more than 10 years ago but still a blowing mind idea for any tech lovers.
The products are the delicate combination of everything we need: stable and high quality website with friendly and inconvenient
app, all the the best a website has to offer with the best a mobile app has to offer, namely working offline, push notification and device hardware access.
Let me give you a trustful address: Progressive Web Apps Agency with MobiFirst, which will launch this June 18th. Stay tuned!

What Is PWA with Mobifirst?
Basically Mobifirst is a website maker which will proactively and effectively support you to design and publish any type of website, for any niche you
desire,and then turn your website into an app in minutes.
It offers 100 completely customizable pre built website templates, which is really time-saving and handy for anyone who wants to create PWAs.
Besides, I also have to mention that the agency uses Mobile First technology, which means they will definitely give the user the best in performance across
mobile and desktop devices. You know how important it is since the technology conforms with Google’s Mobile First standards,
the most popular and recognized standard. I’m going to give you more detailed about it right now, trust me, you’ll be totally impressed.

Features and Benefits
#Agency License
#Complete Mobile-First Website Builder
#Unlimited Hosting
#100 Pre-made Website Templates
#One-Click Progressive Web Apps Creator
#Push Notification Manager

As I mentioned above, the system will support you to create mobie-friendly websites for any niche you want. I’ll instruct you right below how to do so.
To create a mobie-friendly website:
Step 1: so firstly, go to create a mobile and desktop sites. Click the option and you will be taken to the section
Step 2: As you expect, click the cross button to build a new site. Mobifirst will show you two options as below to move your next step: either use the wizard or manually create a site by yourself.
Let’s go with the wizard by clicking the ok button
As you see, it has a lot of things for you to design your site’s content such as: new domain, header, footer, e commerce, Localization (languages),
and so on…choose what you desire to build for the clone site then move to the site section to pick up a template



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