Affiliate Marketing Masterclass Review | Kulwant Nagi | Is it Worth Buying or Scam?

Hello Guys, Welcome to our new video on Affiliate Marketing Masterclass Review. Course by Kulwant Nagi.

We will cover:

1. Overview
2. Is it for beginners or advance?
3. Worth Price?
4. How much you will earn
5 Best Alternatives to Affiliate marketing Masterclass.

Who is Kulwant Nagi?

Kulwant Nagi is one of the best affiliate marketers, bloggers, and international speakers from India. He is doing, blogging and affiliate marketing since 2012 and running various niche blogs making around 10 lakh rupees or 13,345$ income per month.

What is in the Affiliate Marketing Masterclass by Kulwant Nagi Course?

There are a total of seven modules in the course, which are as under:

Intro & Affiliate Mindset Training: This section welcomes you to the course and a brief introduction on what is affiliate marketing and what mindset is needed to start the affiliate marketing journey.

Module 1: Basic Knowledge: Under this module, you will learn about
Affiliate Links,

How to get Affiliate Links,
Affiliate Marketing Models,
Affiliate Networks, etc.

Module 2: Finding the Niche: In this module, you learn about

The difference between Micro Niche and Broad Niche,
Finding the best niches
Spying the competitors
Doing topic research

Module 3: Keyword Research and SEO: In this module, you will learn

Common WordPress mistakes
Understanding the keywords
Setting up Rank Math
LSI Keywords, etc.

Module 4: Writing Content: In this module, you will learn

Type of content
Setting up the blog’s structure
Setting up a pillar page, etc.

Module 5: Email Marketing: In this module, you will learn

Lead magnets
Setting up tags, sequence
Email automation
Email marketing, etc.

Module 6: Driving Traffic: In this module, you will learn how to drive traffic from

Facebook Ads
Quora Ads

Module 7: Search Engine Optimization: Under this module, you will learn how to create different types of backlinks, so that you can rank your website higher in Google Search.

You will learn to create backlinks from
Profile creation
Links management, etc.

Apart from these 7 modules, there is a miscellaneous module also which covers topics such as affiliate launch jacking, affiliate mistakes to avoid, how to hire writers, and how and where to promote your affiliate links.

You will also get a 200 Different Niche Ideas to help you start in your affiliate career.

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Best alternative to Affiliate Marketing Masterclass:

Affilerator by Gaurav Madaan (Affiliate marketing course):

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  1. Can you please make a video on instagram profiles, where people are telling of earning lakhs at home by doing affiliate marketing .Are these scams or legit ways?
    If you don't understand,shall I send the profiles?

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