Best Email Marketing Platforms 2020? Email Marketing Comparison

In this video, I go through 5 best email marketing platforms in 2020. You’ll find an email marketing comparison so you can make a decision on which email marketing software and service to use to build a list of subscribers.

I compare MailChimp vs ActiveCampaign vs AWeber vs GetResponse vs Drip autoresponder services.

I go through the pricing, features, benefits, and tools.

Are you also looking for an autoresponder for affiliate marketing? I go through whether each email marketing software accepts affiliate marketing based on their Terms of Use / Prohibited use.

In this video, I share the results of an email promotion I did for an affiliate product so you can see my process. You’ll learn how I produced the sales, the emails I sent out to my email subscribers, and some affiliate marketing tips.


AWeber –
GetResponse –
MailChimp –
ActiveCampaign –
Drip –

Disclaimer: Some of the links above contain affiliate links, meaning I will earn a small commission when you purchase through my link at no additional cost to you.


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Disclaimer: Some of the links above contain affiliate links, meaning I will earn a small commission when you purchase through my link at no additional cost to you.


21 thoughts on “Best Email Marketing Platforms 2020? Email Marketing Comparison

  1. A few notes and corrections I'd like to make:

    1) My bad. Drip DOES allow affiliate marketing but subject to monitoring. I misread and misspoke when I was recording the video, but had actually known for a fact that they do accept those categories which is why I personally use Drip and switched to their service two years ago. Thanks for Jim Mears for pointing that mistake out to me.

    2) Email marketing services have their definition of “affiliate links” vs “affiliate marketing” actually. Affiliate marketing involves promoting products/services where your sole business model is from marketing products/services as an affiliate. Affiliate links are links to products/services that you endorse. In otherwise words, you need to have a primary business that isn’t based around making money from affiliate marketing. It took me a while to understand and distinguish the difference. I got this info from MailerLite who do not allow “affiliate marketing” but do allow “affiliate links”. You can read their T&C’s. I had learned about the difference after recording this video so I do apologize that I did not make it clear to begin with.

    3) Drip's form builder and why I say it's "not user-friendly" explained in this quick video I recorded: . It's just a small caveat. Perhaps in the future, their opt-in form builder will advance.

  2. Hi Aurelius – Stupid question from a confused technically challenged Newbie – Picked up the impression from Forums etc that there is a difference between Auto-responder and Email SMTP platforms and that some can only do one but not the other – These do both – i.e. capture and send emails? Thanks Denis (

  3. hi, im just starting and I have maybe like 20 emails… Is there such a thing like sending marketing email to emails i dont have ?
    like post office you can send marketing to addresses if you put the location you want to target… Do we have that with emails? thanks

  4. Thanks for the great video! I have a square space site and they now offer email marketing. I am creating a webinar and want to incorporate sales funnels to purchase my online course. Do you recommend one of these other services to interface with square space? thanks in advance!

  5. Amazing video! Very useful information especially for people that are just starting. Do you also have some comparisons for the Email Validation services out there? I would love to see how are doing compared to some competitors.

  6. Great video. Update: AWeber now has a full-featured free plan for up to 500 subscribers. My other comment – and this always mystifies me because I think this is one of THE most important features to compare – you forgot to compare tech support. In my view, any key software for business (especially email systems and sales funnels) must have 24/7 chat. This again is why I love AWeber. I went from basic user to power user with AWeber within the space of a week or two simply because of their 24/7 chat (which I hammered btw. Their support is off the charts). Having to wait 20-40-60 hours for an email reply is death to progress and that seems to be the industry standard.

  7. Can you do segmentation in Mailchimp from a woocommerce list? Say, you have a subscription website and you only want to send email to those people who are on Basic Subscription only.

  8. can i use mail chimp to promote affliate links by creating landing pages ??? i m new in affliate marketing looking for free email marketing platform that allows to capture emails …

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