POLYBRUTE Review // +70 Presets // Full morph tutorial for Arturia's flagship synth

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0:00 Intro
1:00 Overview
4:05 Connectivity
4:40 Morph
10:00 Morphee
12:10 Ribbon
13:45 Stereo
15:25 Motion recording
16:10 Split/layer
17:10 Unison
17:50 Oscillators
21:00 Filters
24:40 Envelopes
26:15 LFOs
27:40 Mod matrix
28:55 Effects
31:45 Arp
32:30 Sequencer
33:45 Matrix arp
34:35 Snapshots
35:20 Generate
36:00 Pros & cons
39:40 Playing 70 select presets

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21 thoughts on “POLYBRUTE Review // +70 Presets // Full morph tutorial for Arturia's flagship synth

  1. An interesting review and synth, but seems far to heavily reliant on that one bottom left morphing knob feature for my liking.
    Not sure about that £2,500 price for a 6 voice poly, that places in it Moog and DSI territory, plus I believe there's a certain new DSI about to launch soon.
    But nonetheless an interesting one and great Video from you as always.

  2. Good review! Is it possible to generate several sequence lanes per voice? For example Osc 1 plays a 8 step sequence and osc 2 a 6 step?

  3. Sounds pretty good, the expressive features are cool too, though I feel like every major vst has morph in the form of macros. Obviously vst's aren't analog but this morphing feature doesn't seem difficult to implement. The real issue here is that you can get 8-16 voice synths for $1000-$2000 with Korg and DSI, and it isn't like Arturia is a "premium" brand, so why should we pay $2500 for this? Is it cheaper in France?

  4. Always enjoy your videos, thank you for your hard work. love most of the features of the Polybrute though a bit disappointing that it doesn't have poly aftertouch also why all the patches are out of tune? Is global tuning needs to be calibrated when starting a session? shouldn't be automatic? or this like my Prophet 5 🙂

  5. Morphing between 2 scenes within a patch is something the AN1X can do. It's not as flexible as this, and you don't get the cool feature of modulating the morph with an lfo or other source, but you can do a lot of fun stuff with it. But no, in analogue synths, I haven't seen it before. Damn, I was hoping Arturia would mess up the Polybrute, so I could enjoy the rest of my life with both my kidneys.

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