Does The SFM Six Figure Mentors Work? Yes, But..

It’s the number one question people ask: Does the SFM (Six Figure Mentors) work? Yes. But to put in a huge disclaimer, IF you do the work, it’s the same with any education. The SFM provides you with the tools, the training and the products you’ll need to create a successful online business, but you do have to actually implement what you learn. Whether the SFM will change your life or will be a beautiful collection of great ideas collecting dust on your shelves is completely up to you. The SFM does not bring you success, only you can do that.

If this video did’t scare you about putting in the work to get started on your online business, then watch this complimentary video series and discover how the digital marketing education the SFM offers makes it possible to live, work and run an online business from anywhere, IF you put in the work:

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26 thoughts on “Does The SFM Six Figure Mentors Work? Yes, But..

  1. Hey did you reach the affiliate success for them when you were in elite? im just really doubting to ever get enough out of it if im not upgrading to ME

  2. It amazes me people buy into this MLM pyramid scheming bullshit. I'm sick of seeing these YouTube adds by pricks like Dan Holloway etc. Should be banned outright

  3. Hi! I just started the SFM journey about almost three weeks ago so I'm also kinda new to it!
    What's your best tips, sure I gotta put in the time into it, but something else please?

  4. I just join SFM 2 weeks ago and I am already seeing how it could help me. I am here to learn how to grow my business as an Integrative Health Coach and Holistic Massage Therapist. The tools here are awesome. I will learn all that I can learn while I am here and enter the challenges and do all the worksheets necessary for self growth.

  5. Great video, and love the message. SFM is not a quick fix, it's an education, but more than that it's about providing community and support for making powerful and positive change in your life – and that takes work no matter who you are. Thanks for sharing Nicole

  6. £77.00 per month seems to be quite expensive on top of the £235.88 that you have to pay before actually paying a further £77.00 each month. If it was say; £40.00 per month on top of the £235.88 then that would be affordable. I am perplexed why it so much?

  7. of course it is work! – I am earning six figures now, and all my mentors are also earning six figures. try them, it is definately worth it – thanks! It is the truth, I swear to God. Come on everyone watching this video, you dont want to earn six figures? You coward?

  8. When you (and other SFM ppl, inc its students) put the caveat in by saying "you have to put in the work" no one can really challenge that because it's almost a given. The question is, as a beginner, what's the likelihood you could get fleeced or tricked in the process of networking with others who have far greater Admin knowledge and experience in this field (combined with their already thirsty ambitiousness that wasn't quite quenched in their previous job) than someone who by comparison a beginner and are essentially eating out of the knowledge-hand of their network interlocutors/affiliates? Like, if you have a potential to seize a huge stock of goods or products which you can market and distribute using a sales platform, where's your guarantee that those stocks actually exist so that they're ready for dispatch once customers start adding to basket?

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