1. Hi,Weng,I have checked some of your videos,as for the affiliate program,as we know the merchant will also work with the involve asia based on the cps,so why the budget will be used out,and as i know,they are still promote for shopee in their site?

  2. I just register with them recently but still don't know how to use it. The only reason i register is to do affiliate for shopee. For lazada i already register direct from their site. I wish shopee also do the same thing. Your problem make me not to use their service and stick with lazada affiliate only

  3. tried signing up thru lazada, received an email and said that they will be responding within 5 business days, 1 month has passed and yet no one reply my email and responded. Their affilaite site portal is not working as well. lazad sucks

  4. I feel you Weng, Ive been working with this before! Keep asking me why no sales at all and isnt generating sales! Which is led by your statement is way true!
    what I learned is to find a partner that has a very good reacquiring program or any kinds that can
    support the cycle of the business

  5. Hi Weng,
    I watched almost your videos. So to sum up that you discourage using Involve Asia? Because I was about to start up.
    Please advise
    Thank you

  6. Hi Weng Honn. Just a beginner here and I hope you can give some advice on affiliate marketing. What if we have our website to target to market few specifics products instead of just focus on say one category of product in Lazada or Shopee? For the affiliate marketing with Amazon, will it be difficult since some of the products does not ship to Malaysia (if your site is targeted to Malaysian customers/audience)? I would appreciate if you can give some advice on this.

  7. hi bro weng hong, i had seen your video no need website for affiliate marketing only email marketing. what happens you create website for affiliate ? i want to start affiliate in indonesia and get confused, appreciate for reply

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