Best Traffic Source for Affiliate Marketing 2019- SMS Phone Leads Funnel Review Strategy

In this video learn the Best Traffic Source for Affiliate Marketing in 2019. I use the SMS Phone Leads Funnel Review Strategy for a Good Traffic Source. Sign up for the SMS Phone Leads below.

SMS Phone Leads

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8 thoughts on “Best Traffic Source for Affiliate Marketing 2019- SMS Phone Leads Funnel Review Strategy

  1. Mr. Hawkins thank you for his video, i also am a SMS Phone Leads member. i have to admit i needed this for my business.
    I was happy to see that this product, help me offset my expenses….nice video…lets connect…

  2. This apps DOES NOT WORK. Stay away from it. Here is my experience with this software and the owner Tim.
    I saw a youtube video about smsphoneleads, I got interested to join the affiliate program.
    The affiliate who uploaded the video offered great bonuses, SMS text broadcasts, marketing materials, and other stuff. I checked it out and found that the only accept Stripe as a payment processor which is not supported in my country so I won't be receiving commission…
    I then contacted the software's owner via 'contact us' form on their website. I asked whether there is an alternative way to use PayPal instead and whether they provide marketing bonuses. THEN, He replied YES you can use Paypal, and I will give you bonuses and broadcast text and he asked me to signup with his own link in order to do that.. so I did. after I made the payment. I figured out that they don't accept PayPal at all and when I asked him about it again. He said that he thought I was referring to another program and I sent him a message the email via the website contact us form. Then I asked for a refund, he said we don't do refunds. "Did you join to promote or to use it..You should try the software, it is an amazing software" He said.. I then tried it for 7 days, every day you can send sms broadcast to 200 leads. So in total, it's 1400 leads. 10 clicks are what I got from all of that. and ZERO optins. One more thing, when I asked him about bonus materials, he said what material are you talking about, I then sent him the email he replied to me when I first joined. then he stopped replying to me.. He stole the sale from the affiliate who actually referred me through his video.. what a dirty way of doing business. Stay away from it.

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