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Check out these AFFcelerator reviews from my affiliate marketing training workshops.

Here’s a quick video from one of my students that will give you some details on what you can expect.

Here’s the link to another AFFcelerator student:

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AFFcelerator Super Affiliate Intensive
-Live 3-day workshops
-Step-by-step blueprints for mobile and Facebook
-8 hours each day of hard-hitting super affiliate strategies
-World-class networking and masterminding with other affiliates
-Learn from other super affiliates who’ve hit 10k+ profit days
-Workshops help in North America, Europe and Asia

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About Me

Since I started affiliate marketing in 2008, me and my media buying team have generated 8+ figures in commissions through Facebook, mobile, and display buys.

I run one of the most popular affiliate marketing blogs in the world here:

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I use Snapchat every day to give you a look inside my life. What I do every day, how I think and make decisions etc. I give away a lot of affiliate marketing tips and strategies + some insider only secrets (Snapchats disappear in 24 hours so I don’t mind giving away more there!)


Facebook is the main social platform I use. It’s where we can talk affiliate marketing / business / productivity etc.

I use Facebook to release info about parties, meet ups, events and other industry news.

My Personal Blog:

I’ve been blogging about affiliate marketing since 2012 and I’m not stopping now! Every single week I write a post to help you out in affiliate marketing, productivity, or business.


I’ve started answering a lot of questions from you guys via YouTube. So if you’ve got a question, send it in to me and I’ll do my best to answer it!

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Affiliate Marketing Training:

AFFcelerator is the most high-end affiliate marketing training available. Me and my instructors will show you how we make $10k per day through affiliate marketing, and teach you to do the same.

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Each week I send out a newsletter to 30,000+ affiliate marketers. The newsletter includes lessons I’ve learned, trends and opportunities, affiliate marketing strategies you can use to make more money.

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