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Rich Affiliate has one of the most popular affiliate programs online, paying a reported (lifetime commission). Click on this link for more details about the WA affiliate program. WA has offered solid affiliate marketing training for much of its existence. However as its mentors have actually ended up being progressively out-of-date and inefficient. I’m reluctant to declare Wealthy a straight-out scam, due to the fact that clearly a couple of people are still having success with it (examples).

, but it does have components of both. I explore this subject in more detail in another article. Quickly: the majority of the “success stories” I see for WA nowadays are trainees making most of their affiliate earnings by referring other trainees to Rich Affiliate. On the other hand, better affiliate marketing courses I have actually examined show many trainees having success with other affiliate programs.

These claims are either impossible to show, or quickly opposed with a quick Google search. Examples From the very first lesson of the Online Business Owner Accreditation: And how is that measured, exactly? From the so-called WA Success page: Only quitters stop working. Everybody else just hasn’t prospered yet. Riiiight. Turn that around and it’s just as meaningless From the eighth lesson of the Affiliate Bootcamp, referring to WA’s keyword research study tool: This would appear to oppose the findings of a current study of 137 internet marketing professionals including expert affiliate marketers none of whom pointed out Jaaxy when asked which tool is best for keyword research study.

In a Premium-only video entitled, How to Become a Specialist in Any Niche, Kyle states at the 19:30 mark: “I advise or domain name, just because they rank better. They tend to stick in Google a lot longer too once you do get ranked, so they are definitely the finest domain.” To the contrary, Google themselves have mentioned that, when it pertains to SEO, all TLDs are treated the same, and both SEMRush and have actually found that to be real.

That is worthless marketing speak. Mosey on over to and you’ll see the following: It’s a winner that just the WA creators were welcomed to vote on this. Peruse the WA training or marketing materials, and you’ll find numerous guarantees and statements that turn out to be incorrect.


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