How to Write Affiliate Content (FREE Amazon Affiliate Article Template and Product Research)

Wondering how to write affiliate content? If you are writing for an Amazon affiliate website, then it can be hard at times to create useful content that can drive referred sales to Amazon.

I’m here to explain to you how to write affiliate marketing articles so you wouldn’t have to waste hours of your time trying to learn it. In this video, I’ll first explain to you what affiliate marketing is, I’ll then provide you a template for writing an affiliate blog post and will then move on to teaching you my method for affiliate product selection. Finally, we’ll discuss how you can write an affiliate product review with high click-through rates.

So if you were ever worried about how to write an Amazon affiliate article, then watch this video to learn my own writing method.
How to Write a Blog Post

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33 thoughts on “How to Write Affiliate Content (FREE Amazon Affiliate Article Template and Product Research)

  1. As-salam o Alaikum Sir
    I hope you are doing well.
    I am happy to give you credit, you are one of my mentor for my freelancing carrier start. In this lockdown, I started my freelancing carrier by following your videos. Your videos helped me so much. As per your guidance, I started with Facebook. Although I got scammed once. But keep following your tips and started at a different platform. Now finally, I'm earning. 🙂
    ALLAH bless you.

  2. Salam Khali Bahii I'm really inspire your videos. I'm a beginner and job less plz plz help us.. I'm the only one to take care of my family .. So plz halp me how can i start my freelance carrier..

  3. Great Khalilullah khan Good job! I have completed a highly paid course of digital marketing, but I am impressed by your knowledge and conveying of knowledge, I have also got maturity points in your personality. Thank you for being there. Keep it up…

  4. In order to get access to top rated products in amazon it would be better to change location from default Pakistan to theUS(NY). Amazon sells very less number of products in Pakistan as compare to the US.

  5. Assalam o Alaikum sir… I come to know about your videos related freelancing… Can you please guide me how i start it from facebook.. I visit your page on fb and their i get to know about the course necessary for freelancing… Can you please guide me more to start my work on fb?

  6. Hey Khalil! Loved your Video. Wanted to know that if I'm gona choose 10 best cameras from amazon for the client's blog, so the client is going to provide me the affiliate links of those products or is he going to give me his affiliate account id and password so that i can get the links?

  7. Assalamalaykum… Thank you for the valuable information..
    When product reviews… How do we end the article… Shouldn't there be a CTA???
    Looking forward for your expert advice…

  8. Dear ap se request hai m doing seo internship
    N I have difficulty to search websites according to my work
    Like guest posting sits.
    Form posting sits artical submission sits.
    Plz mention good quality sits according to my work.
    Make on vedio plz

  9. Hello Khalil, ur subscriber from India.. you're doing a great job.. I have one request, please make a video on where or from which website which are available in India as well to get clients for Blogs and Affiliate product review…

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