Grayscale Crypto – Explanation of the "Premiums" – GBTC, GDLC, ETHE, ETCG

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13 thoughts on “Grayscale Crypto – Explanation of the "Premiums" – GBTC, GDLC, ETHE, ETCG

  1. I bought ETCG about a month ago thinking it was Ethereum Trust vs. Ethereum Classic. I paid about $12 a share. Now's it's $8.59. Did I make a mistake? It looks to have a downward trend. Is this going to head back in price? Or should I dump and cut my losses?

  2. I still don't fully understand the 2% fee and when it's applied? Applied at selling, applied yearly? No one ever explains it. Applied for the total amount the GBTC is worth?

  3. Great video! Honestly , I would also be very careful jumping into any grayscale product carrying over 100% premium. But for traders it looks very attractive. NFA!

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