Rakuten Linkshare Affiliate Network Review & Offers Update Fundamentals Explained

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Visit to your LinkShare account at login.linkshare.com 2. Click “Reports” then “Reporting” 3. Then select “Build a new report” 4. Click the “Include and Get rid of columns” box on the right-hand man side. 5. Then examine the boxes for: # of Clicks # of Impressions Publisher Group Name Publisher ID Publisher Call Publisher URL 6.

Click the “Conserve Report” button on the right 8. Call the report: 9. Click “Conserve Modifications” 10. Then you need to click “view report” and “get api” 11. This will provide you your API URL. Copy the alphanumeric portion of the URL that begins after the 1. Click the Combinations plug icon on the left sidebar of Mediarails 2.

Click the icon 4. Paste the alphanumeric string that you copied from your Rakuten account into the area in the LinkShare Integration card in Mediarails: 5. In the field, select your business’s brand name that is associated with the Rakuten API crucial 6. In the field, pick the nation related to your brand’s program 7.

This is meant to help you track which currency your brand name is reported in. Mediarails does not convert currencies, selecting a currency here will reflect the currency offered within your Rakuten LinkShare account.

If you sell items online you’ve probably heard of Affiliate Marketing. The Rakuten Marketing Affiliate Network, previously Rakuten LinkShare, is a partner of Highstreet.io’s and a lot of our customers utilize this network to promote their products. If you’re interested in how Rakuten LinkShare works then keep reading. Rakuten LinkShare rebranded to the Rakuten Affiliate Marketing Network in 2014.

One scenario could be a visitor taking a look at item reviews, they clicked an item and were redirected to a real item page from the marketer’s site. As soon as the visitor arrive at the product page and purchases a product an affiliate tracking link records the transaction. The publisher just gets paid if the product is sold and the purchaser originated from the affiliate website.

Commission for publishers vary. Rakuten tracks purchases through site cookies over a specific period. The merchant validates the purchase. The merchant matches the affiliate tracking code to their purchase records. The deal is credited to the affiliate website and the affiliate gets paid. Commissions vary depending upon the contract in between the advertiser and the publisher.


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