AntiMLM Review of Netflix's UnWell + Dr. Z Responds!

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30 thoughts on “AntiMLM Review of Netflix's UnWell + Dr. Z Responds!

  1. My husband and I have a small business and we deal in natural medicinals. Knowing what we know behind the scenes, I can tell you without a single shred of doubt that buying essential oils through an MLM is a complete utter and total ripoff. There is a dude out there who is trying to make an MLM out of the product we primarily sell and he’s been blacklisted by all vendors in the US. None of us will sell bulk to him because we do NOT want an MLM in our world. We’ve dabbled in essential oils in the past. Some of them have been helpful with a few issues. But not to the point that we would eschew all modern medicine. And the FDA? They have much bigger fish to fry than the essential oil industry. They’re not on a secret mission to shut it down. There is probably all of one person in the entire FDA keeping an eye on the essential oil industry. And Dr. Z…oh Dr. Z…when he said the thing about how his business is basically “a for-profit ministry” I paused the TV and turned to my husband and we just stared at each other with our jaws hanging open. It made us feel so icky!!!! As people of faith and business owners that was just wrong and gross to us. And he’s not a medical doctor. HE IS A CHIROPRACTOR. I go to a chiropractor, I love my chiropractor, but my chiropractor is not a substitute for an MD. Nope nope nope nope NOPE. 😖

  2. I was totally expecting a forced "narrative" on the Unwell series and was pleasantly surprised to not find it. They made it clear who had actual clinical training vs who was just a so-called "expert". To me it pointed out things that I think are obvious red flags and go against common sense that (if I wanted/needed to) I could research for myself further. People need to stop being so fucking lazy about having the idiot box tell them how to think, and look into stuff for themselves.

  3. My copy of #savvy business owner just came in. I’m 39 pages in and I’ve come to an important conclusion. MLM are really franchises, and should be treated as such.

    They are not employed by the company, which means they are technically their own business, BUT they are using the mlm company’s business model. That is exactly what a franchise is. It’s own separate entity that pays the parent company to use their business model, according to an agreement. They are just getting around the protections for the potential franchisees (specifically the FDD which is a document outlining everything and giving some important numbers as well as contacts, that help you determine if your going to make any money or not).

    I guess I am learning something in collage…

  4. I don't believe you can actually get chemo for brain cancer. Most (if not all) of the chemicals used in chemo cannot past the blood/brain barrier, therefore, people typically get a combination of surgery and radiation to try and get rid of chemo. So that's why her doctor offered radiation, but not chemo as a treatment option.

  5. Ok I just have to say that I love that you brought up the whole “beauty queen outfit at church” situation because I definitely had an audible “what the fuck” when I saw that. 😂

  6. My theory behind why the doterra distributor didn't need radiation/chemotherapy is because her brain tumor was benign. A tumor doesn't automatically mean cancer and she never explicitly said her tumor was cancerous; if the tumor wasn't cancerous in the first place, then she wouldn't need cancer treatments. Her surgeon was able to remove most of the tumor which probably included the root of the tumor which was supplying it with blood and nutrients. With the majority of the tumor gone including the blood supply, the remaining bits will understandably die and shrivel and be harder to spot on scans as her brain developed through adolescence. I say this as a med student with an interest in oncology– I just feel really bad that this doterra rep has been going on her whole life thinking consuming essential oils cured her of something when it absolutely didn't.

  7. Thoroughly enjoyed your analysis as always! Savy, you should do a video about the fake crypto currency, pyramid scheme shit show OneCoin. It’s literally a pyramid scheme in the purest sense because the product doesn’t exist, there is not crypto currency. They use an MLM business model to recruit people, and thousands and thousands of people have been scammed. The founder literally disappeared off the face of the earth about two years ago and has never been seen since. She made off with a few BILLION dollar euros. You will scream when you read about it, it’s fucking wild.

  8. As someone who's partner is chronically ill, if anyone tries to shill them essential oils, I would chew them out! My mother used to be a massage therapist, so essential oils are pretty common place in our house for mild things like cramps, nausea and headaches buy we never eat them or apply them undiluted. I think sometimes alternative medicine can be useful but it shouldn't discredit medical science or modern treatments.
    Also Savy, as a journalist, I'd love your opinions on Tiger King… (I think it's super biased and low-key sexist)

  9. Whenever you were just in the corner of the screen (while showing Dr. Z’s website) my cat was very intrigued and kept smacking you. 😂 Sorry Savy

  10. Oh man I saw the first episode of Unwell and cringed when Dr. Z fed his kid a smoothie with essential oils in it and cringed twice as hard when they show him and his family at church and showed his wife wearing a sash and tiara; I get that she’s a former beauty queen but it was like a scene from The Stepford Wives. So creepy.

  11. This is exactly in the same wheelhouse as traditional Chinese medicine. Except traditional Chinese medicine devastates ecosystems around the world and slaughters rare animals. You should do a video on TCM too!

  12. Dude. I am letting my many Board Certified Psychiatrists I have seen over the years: MY BIPOLAR 1 COCKTAIL OF DRUGS DO NOTHING. IT’S A PLACEBO. WHY HAVEN’T YOU BEEN HAVING ME EAT OILS?! WHY NOT DO TERRA?!” (Read extreme sarcasm – I am a
    Mental Health Advocate and ALWAYS take your meds!)

  13. I started my own massage practice for probably under 10k. School was 6k. Then other expenses. But…there are Soooo many other businesses that you can do for a small investment. Soooo many. And you would actually be your own business. Not a rep.

  14. Auntie!
    I know you're probably done with the bs, but Abby popped off.
    Her arguments are finally direct and clearly defined. On top of that her tone and general lack of understanding tells me that she isn't truly trying to understand the other side (pro choice). Rather, she blindly attacks strawman arguments while repeating "what about the baby" over and over again.

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