Billy Gene Marketing Review | In my opinion, it's a SCAM!!!

In my opinion, Billy Gene Marketing is a HUGE scam. His C.A.M.P Program, Geneius program, Gene pool, and all others are all just a way for him to swindle money out of hard working people. Steer clear of this. If you want to learn how to properly use the advertising tools of facebook, try facebook’s actual site at:


30 thoughts on “Billy Gene Marketing Review | In my opinion, it's a SCAM!!!

  1. Billy Gene fans actually got my account suspended for half a day because so many of them marked this video as spam. Such gullible, brainwashed idiots. Guess what? I'm back 🙂

  2. I was looking up that billie gene guy because he makes it seem so simple to do what he does but it's simply just not that easy and I subscribed in less than 2 minutes and I wish more people would do this it would save us all some time and I gotta agree if you have to have a disclaimer that your company's not a scam yeah it's probably a scam. I was wondering if you do legit you tube videos but I'm thinking 90% of videos are bullshit but this was the most useful one I've seen in months

  3. Did his fans run and downvote this video lmao bc he’s literally full of shit. All of these fake gurus are. Ppl are so gullible to the point where they will defend fuckery.

  4. IF the whole point of calling Billy Gene marketing a scam is bcs u can get this knowledge for free for example at fb blueprint…Than i can't agree. Using this analogy, the harvard is also cheating, because all the knowledge you can learn there can be obtained from books

  5. If you have time to make a video like this, definitely that’s the kind of success your having. You have the right to say what ever you want, but do you realize you talk from scarcity viewpoint? Why should people pay you for telling them how to grow a bear? It grows free right?

  6. I think this guy doesn't understand how marketing works🤣🤣🤣 dude, an advertisement doesn't mean that you get 100% quality, i can fcking write whatever i want on an advertisement 😉 it's all about selling the product. People are dumb. They click and they buy. That's our job. That's what any company needs to get big. Facts.

  7. I bought Mike Buontempos course. What a effing mistake. $5k down the drain. This is the thing about business though. Ive made alot of money and lost alot as well. This is how you learn though. This video is 100% true. What im doing now is finding freelancers on upwork to help me on my marketing.

  8. If you have enter his program and try it for 30 days and then request your money back you could have more to say about him and his videos and more points for us to take a look. Why not yo try it and prove us that his videos are not enough? You might be right he is a scam but from your video we can only trust your word and your success. It would be much better if we could have more details about him and his videos. Thanks for taking the time for this one however, i appreciate it

  9. Yep I got scammed. They are saying I need to complete the entire 30 day course (which I don’t want to do) in order to receive my refund . Pieces of shit!!!!

  10. 😂Mann this guy is just looking to get views. As someone who has a social media agency because of Billy Gene's courses and because of that, I am currently able to help my family during this pandemic, trust me, I have paid for so many courses and nothing came close to Billy Gene's Course. If you want BIG CLIENTS with BIG BUDGET or even understand everything about SMM, Billy Gene is the best I have ever seen. But you know what if This Bearded guy (who doesn't know what he's talking about) can convince you not to try it out and you just believe him without seeing for yourself, you're not cut for success anyway.

  11. Nice video; Im looking at this video because this billy gene asshole has been pooping in my videos recently trying to scam people during this pandemic Gene is a laughable asshole.

  12. Tell me one thing guys who are saying Billy Gene is a scam-artist.

    What is it that he do that is a scam?

    Give me a specific example because that’s what everything comes down to when to know if it’s a scam or not. Just tell me one good example and I’ll shut the hell up.

  13. You know what?

    Are you as successful as Billy Gene is financially? Probably not. Probably you won’t even make 1/10 of what he is earning because you sure sound like the type of person who “thinks” that YOUR way is the best way and that you could succeed on your own.

    Every successful entrepreneur will say to you, “Learn from successful people and DON’T do everything on your own. THAT’S WHERE EVERYBODY MAKES MISTAKES.”

    Tell me man, am I going to listen to your advice who is a videographer on how to be successful in digital marketing? No right?! WHY WOULD I? It’s like learning to swim from a piano teacher who never had any experiences in swimming. Even if she did swimming, does she have credibility in swimming? She got awards? She has a great background in swimming?

    What kind of house do you have? What part of the states do you live in? What kind of car do you have? Tell me man. Let’s compare that to Billy Gene.

    You haven't even taken his courses! But instead you’re saying to just look at a section on Facebook on successful ads and THAT IS A PERFECT EXAMPLE OF WHAT SUCCESSFUL LEADERS AROUND THE WORLD ARE TELLING YOU NOT TO DO.



    Billy Gene has credibility in the field of digital

    I ask again. Do you?

  14. How am I supposed to trust a guy who doesn’t wear a seat belt and who looks at the cellphone screen while he’s driving? It already shows that he doesn’t have common sense.

  15. You are criticizing a product you have never used.

    You could not even try to get an interview with someone that has used the product before.

    You are assuming.

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