How to Make Money with Amazon Affiliate Marketing

How to Make Money with Amazon Affiliate Marketing
The Amazon Affiliate Program is a great way to make passive income online selling products.

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Making Money with the Amazon Affiliate Program is actually pretty easy if you think about what you can do to actually help people by recommending products from brands you care about.

What has made me successful and able to make over $500 with Amazon Affiliate Marketing alone, has been a strategy of promoting products I already use and doing reviews for them and making buying guides.

People who are not successful with Amazon tend to not have a real strategy based in creating value or showcasing products they themselves are using.

My audience wants to know what I’m using to get my work done because they want to produce similar results, so they have no problem shopping on Amazon. In fact they are grateful to use my affiliate links because most people don’t go out of their way to reveal their secrets the way I do.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways I’ve found to make passive income online and if done properly I believe it can work well for most people.

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39 thoughts on “How to Make Money with Amazon Affiliate Marketing

  1. Hey Roberto, I understand this is an old video already but if you read it I could really use some clarity on one aspect of affiliate marketing. I was recently lead to believe that Amazon has methods of tracking family/friends buying through your Amazon affiliate links and it jeopardizing your status with Amazon. Is this true?

  2. Hey Roberto,your videos goes by your content,Awesome!!! I am a start-up blogger and my niche is health and hair.How can I jump into affiliate marketing only through blogging?,No youtube or any other video content platform.What are my chances and what should I be doing?

  3. Found this very informative. And definitely will go on to create something. however i would like to inquire about how to set up website link as its required on the application?

  4. Hey Roberto, when would be the best time to sign up to the Amazon Associates program? Should you wait until you have a decent subscriber count on your Youtube channel and readership on a blog/website, or should you just go and sign up for it straight away and start doing reviews and let everyone know what gear you are using to make videos/photos etc.
    Please correct me if I am wrong, but Amazon will cancel your affiliate account if you don't make a sale within 90 days?

  5. One thing I would like to know is: what are other ways that people make money using Amazon affiliate program . I am a new member and would like to expand my ways of reaching out to the world with my links . THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME! I absolutely LOVE your videos! They are always so helpful! 🙂

  6. Roberto do you do if Amazon Affiliates reports are delayed? I have had an active account with them for 2+ days now and I'm beginning to wonder. I have a store that tracks my clicks which are currently at 459 for today, but my Amazon Affiliates account only shows 30 clicks. I can't figure out if it is working or not. I imagine I should have had at least one sale in there somewhere, but it still shows $0 in sales and very low clicks. I try to call Amazon and get the run around that they can't find my account. However, last week I had an associate set it up for me. I am so confused.

  7. I wanted to ask which enables the quickest way to rank on the first page of google High Paid Traffic to a website or High Content to a website?

    Kind Regards,
    Farai Machingura

  8. Hey Rob I have a question. So I shop at baby gap for my 9 year old and she is always in gap apparell or other fashionable trendy brands. Do you think if I started an instagram to post and hash tag the store it would catch attention from the companies her clothes are from?

  9. Great video Roberto. I'm trying to understand this Amazon affiliates program. So basically, you make YouTube videos and then make recommendations about the products your using in your videos and then have links to them from Amazon in your video description for people to click to go buy on Amazon and then you make commission off their purchase? I'm just trying to understand how this works.

  10. Hello, thank you for the great video. Did you have to purchase any of the items? I just set up my Amazon Prime account to sell. Or is it like Dropshipping?

  11. Hi Roberto, my name is Peter Thomas and am from Africa, please i want to ask what if am not into tech, health or any other thing but i want to be an amazon marketer or go into online marketing, how am i going to start when i don't have much money with me please i need your help, please box me with your supper ideas on my email (

  12. After watching your video, I finally created an affiliate program with Amazon. Seems like I'm a little late to the game, but I just added my amazon link to all 40 of my videos. I'll see how it goes.

  13. I am cable technician, i've been doing for 15 years, how can I used my technical expertise to create revenue thru affiliate marketing? Can you use an use real time examples?

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