How We Make $500 a Day with Affiliate Marketing (Passive Income Case Study)

Discover how our YouTube channel makes $500 a Day with affiliate marketing (passive income!)
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We love monetizing our channel with affiliate links because it means we get to keep our YouTube videos free, while being able to be compensated for our time.

We also love affiliate marketing because it’s a very passive business model. As Sarah said, even if she had a car accident and could no longer keep uploading videos, this channel would continue to make money even as she was bedridden and recovering. Having this passive source of income is a great form of income diversification.


3 Weird Dropshipping Hacks:
How to Create a Shopify Store (2018 tutorial):
How to Create a Shopify Store (2017 tutorial):
How to Create a Woocommerce Store (2017 tutorial):
How to Create a Woocommerce Store (2016 tutorial):
Shopify vs. Woocommerce:
Jungle Scout 2018 tutorial:
Jungle Scout 2017 tutorial:
Jungle Scout 2016 tutorial:

Usually on this channel, we talk about ecommerce businesses (dropshipping, Amazon FBA) however we’ve had a lot of people ask us about affiliate marketing as they know that is how we monetize our channel. On this YouTube channel, we make $500 a day ($15,000 a month) passive with affiliate marketing. We earn it by promoting the following 3 products:

* Shopify – a program that makes creating ecommerce stores easy for beginners.
* iPage – a low-cost web hosting platform that people can use to host their ecommerce WordPress stores with.
* Jungle Scout – an app that lets you identify and track top-selling products on Amazon.

Some days we make more than $500 a day, other times we make less, but on average it works out to be about $500 a day.


If you already have a dropshipping store, then you can immediately start making money with affiliate marketing. Go to an affiliate offer marketplace like ClickBank and find an offer that is related to your niche. You can then promote the offer to your store’s email newsletter series. Watch our video, 3 Weird Dropshipping Hacks, to find out how.


Step 1: Choose a niche that you are an expert in.

Find a niche that you are an expert in. You will use this expertise to prove that people should trust your product recommendations.

Step 2: Build a following on a social platform or a website with free, valuable content

On this channel, we have free tutorials that show people how to use the 3 products that we recommend. We also have lots of other free videos that contain no affiliate links at all. These videos provide viewers with lots of free, valuable information. This helps us build a following of people that trust our recommendations, because we’ve proved ourselves to them.

Step 3: Recommend products to your followers

Once you’ve built up a following, you can start recommending products to your followers. Don’t over-do it though, and remember to focus on providing lots of free, valuable content as your primary goal!


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  1. She's easier to understand if you just listen and don't watch her lips. The unique underbite makes here look like she is holding on to some chewing tobacco on here lower lip. No hate here, just personal observation. Your awesome keep doin you

  2. OMG… So you are saying you feel guilty about scamming people for FailaFy and WooFail to set up their failed store.. you show everyone how much you make from dumb people… save your money sell stuff at your local market…. odds are Sarah you will make more sales at a local real life market… I'll make a vlog showing someone going hard at the online sacam and someone buying cheap stuff and selling it at a real market… in one day the chap at the real market will walk away with more sales… get real this is BS

  3. How to "build" a website or clickfunnel? These are mentioned in almost all tutorial videos for earning $ w/affiliate mktg, BUT there aren't tutorials on HOW to build the website, etc. I have considered this for years, but haven't seen any real information on HOW to actually build a site…maybe you could do a video or recommend one?

  4. This is the future for sure, more people need to think outside the box,keep up the great work ,soon I will be successful you hopefully like you one day,can't wait for your next video,I pretty much did as you said in your video and have had success

  5. you channel is probably the best discovery of mine and i am so proud of..and you always teach, inspire in each and every of your video with a cute , bright smile..

  6. Thanks for the info! I am in college and working so I don’t have a lot of time to do make money actively. I need income in the side that works for me!

  7. You are so cute with that eyes while speakung your smile remind me of early morning with a very happy girl:-) thanks fir sharing

  8. Great tutorial. I want to start an affiliate programa, I do not have followers in social media except few family members. Do you have any advice on how build a blog to attract audience that may buy an affiliate product? Thanks

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