Affilorama Blueprint Review – How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing – Clickbank Strategy

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Affilorama, What Is It?

It’s a membership site designed to teach you affiliate marketing.

Short Review

An honest site, good training, mostly legit info, and it provides much more value than most internet marketing products.

However, it’s way over priced, teaches some outdated techniques, the community is not very active, and support is very limited compared to alternatives.

Before You Buy

The first thing we need to understand is how Affilorama is actually structured. It’s gone through a number of changes in recent years/months, and most current reviews do not reflect these changes.

The website is also set up in a very confusing way, dividing features into different packages, making it a little difficult to understand which one we really need to buy to get started making money.

A regular (free) membership Affilorama will get you access to some training videos, a members forum, and their blog which appears to be written by members. There is a lot of information just on the free version, but I found that it’s a bit jumbled.

What I Like:

Though I have a lot of criticisms of this program which I’ll discuss below, overall, I think this is a legit program. Mark Ling really lays everything out before you join, and this sets him apart from 99% of the “gurus” out there. Ling has a good reputation and his affilo-stuff has been around since 2005 (or 2006 depending who you ask).

Most products in this industry don’t last more than a year.

The site is member focused, includes a somewhat-active forum, and is constantly changing over time, rather than a static PDF or video series that can stale with time.

I think the main thing I liked about Affilorama was the way many of the videos were set up, with bulleted overviews, high quality voice overs, and scripts you can download for each video. I know a lot of folks are on limited internet connections and video training isn’t always the most convenient.

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