Getting Started with Geniuslink | Affiliate Marketing Tool Review

Learn more about GeniusLink and how you can squeeze more revenue out of every link you share on youtube as a content creator.

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Amazon Associates: Getting Started
• United Kingdom –
• United States –
• Canada –
• France –
• Germany –
• Italy –
• Spain –

For Mexico, Japan, China, Brazil and India you must have a bank account located within each country.

• Mexico –
• Japan –
• China –
• Brazil –
• India –

What is affiliate marketing?
• Affiliate marketing involves promoting someone else’s product or service on your website, blog, youtube channel or social networks and getting a commission when someone makes a purchase.

What is Passive Income?
• Passive income means money that you earn without doing much to make. Although it’s not always that easy. A good example is a YouTube video that you uploaded 2 years ago still being relevant and making you money today.

Can I use affiliate marketing even though I’m not part of the Youtube Partner Program (YPP)?
• Yes, If you have a good number of daily views but have under 1,000 subscribers then this is a good way to make extra income.

Is affiliate marketing against Youtube’s terms of service (TOS)?
• No, however, you must state in the description that you are using affiliate links. See our disclaimer below*

I have a question
Great, post them below in the comments section and we’ll respond ASAP.

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* Disclaimer:
This description contains affiliate links, which means we’ll receive a small commission fee if you purchase a product after clicking a link. This is done at NO extra cost to you but you’ll be supporting the channel to grow & continue helping thousands of people daily find and purchase the right tech products.


16 thoughts on “Getting Started with Geniuslink | Affiliate Marketing Tool Review

  1. Thank you for this video. If i have only one Amazon affiliate account in Australia and someone in Brazil buy from my link. If i use genius link would I get paid in Australia?

  2. Thanks for the video mate! Appreciate it. I have a question though. When you created affiliate account for other countries, what do put for the address when you sign up? Do you need a local address for each country?

  3. They must've changed their policy. It says on their pricing page,

    Starting at just

    $9 / mo.


    All our features

    5,000 clicks/mo.

    Beyond 5,000 clicks

    Pay only for clicks you use

    $2 per 1,000 clicks

    Save with volume discounts

    Start Free 14-day Trial

  4. Hi there. Your video is very useful. I have two questions about geniuslink.
    1) I want to start now my amazon affiliate program so i'm a begginer. Is amazon ok about using geniuslink generally? Do you think i will be banned by amazon if i start using geniuslink from skratch and not from them?
    2) please explain me the below example : let's say a citizen from Belgium clicks your uk link. Where geniuslink is redirecting him? i mean how geniuslink knows to which amazon store to send a Belgium citizen since there is no amazon Belgium store so geniuslink can't know to which store this citizen signed up for at the first place. Thanks

  5. Hi thanks for the great video I signed up to them! I noticed in the vid you do have a China Affiliates account, I just wanted to ask how easy or hard was that to set up; was the application the same as the other sites pretty much? I did the asy ones (UK, US, EU, Commonwealth) but the others seem more difficult. Same thing for having to have a bank account there, how difficult was that and are there any services you'd recommend? Also how easy is to get your earnings from that account over to your UK account? Heard they are quite strict with capital controls over there so just checking it out. Any advice appreciated, thanks for the great video!

  6. Good stuff. I just installed the amazon link engine from Genius but the links on my site don't show up in the links tab on the site. I've emailed support twice now in 1 month and no reply, is there a way to get the linke engine links to your genius dashboard? Thanks for sharing 🙂

  7. It looks like they made some updates already! I am not seeing the "show automatic destination" button. That was a nice thing to see, do you still have that option? Maybe I need to fix something on my end.

  8. Very informational! Thank you. I just signed up with onelink today. It doesn't look like the links will redirect when used in the description of YT videos. That is pretty disappointing and the only reason I signed up for one link anyway! Thank you for this information, I am going to look into geniuslink and see if it will suit my needs.

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