OPM Wealth Review | Legit Big Ticket Affiliate Marketing Program or Scam?

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8 thoughts on “OPM Wealth Review | Legit Big Ticket Affiliate Marketing Program or Scam?

  1. This is the same shit as digital altitudes, empower network, etc everyone joins the same "leaders" that get first dibs on the opportunity then a chain of the followers / friends will join them eventually it fades away after a year or two. Then those same unethical marketers jump from company to company after the next one dies down. . . Seen it over and over again for the last 6 years . . .

    Big problem for new people is that they are getting loans out for people who do not know how to market online or have any presents online is a receipt for losing your money and having the debt to pay back the loan

  2. If you mislead people into an online opportunity and are not honest and have integrity. YOU WILL have the FT C investigate you. If your a founder and starts an online opportunity you better be FT C complient. And run a honest online business

  3. Good video Rory, thanks. OPM, what they mean is go into debt and pray you make your money back. I do not agree with you assessment of Pump and Dump guys because they are on the edge of lying and deceiving people and giving them false hope, they are pretty much scumbag in my book…..JMO of course.

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