Affiliate Marketing Blog Example Breakdown – Site Review 4!

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Affiliate Marketing Blog Example Breakdown – Site Review 4!

In this video, I review a subscriber’s affiliate marketing blog to offer constructive feedback on the various things that I feel they could implement to improve their blogs traffic and income potential. I touch on a number of different points and areas where I think the webmaster would be able to improve their blog and the video may be helpful to others to serve as an affiliate marketing blog example as people seem to be looking for examples of how they should be looking to put their own sites togeather.

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17 thoughts on “Affiliate Marketing Blog Example Breakdown – Site Review 4!

  1. Hiii shuan im big fan for you . thank you for all this usefull videos really thanks you . i watch 4 video today and i And I gathered a page of valuable information . I will dedicate tomorrow, Sunday, to watch your videos .

  2. Thanks for the videos Shaun. What FTC plugin do you recommend? All the ones I try are just a bit too in your face. I kind of want one that does the job but doesn't ruin the look of the blog.

  3. Thanks Shaun, I love these kinds of videos. Just hearing you talk out loud gives a lot of great insight.

    If you want to do another one of these videos I'd be happy to volunteer my Amazon affiliate site. Thanks!

  4. Hey shaun, how the hell do you come up with new content ideas without exhausting everything. Also how do write about something your not an expert in and how do you write a review on something you don't have?

  5. Nice video many helpful tips. I liked the interview you did with WP eagle that was a good one too. Quick question, In google console they are showing me to have position 1 for a keyword but when I google the keyword my site is no where to been found. Is it because I showed up for the term briefly? or do you think maybe when my article ranks that is were ill be put?

  6. Hi Shawn Great Videos! Quick Question… In your experience how much domain authority would a 50+ DA backlink add to my site (currently 0 DA) as a whole?

  7. Great review. Thanks for doing these I learn a lot.

    You’re a busy dude and appreciate finding the time to do a 20 minute + video like this.

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