I bought a course called ‘Passive Income Lifestyle’ – affiliate marketing course

My personal opinion and honest review of an affiliate marketing course I bought by ODI Productions. X0X0 Renae

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  • So funny and brilliant. You deserve all your success!

  • McDonald's franchise owners are required to physically work there up to 80 hours a week girl. That's what people mean when they say buying a job. When you establish a successful and effective affiliate marketing business you are not required to show up to a brick and mortor business and work 16 hours there nearly every day, not to mention daily commutes back and forth to work. Affiliate marketing you only need a laptop and internet connection and you make money around the clock.

  • Thanks for the review. What do you think about dropping?

  • I used to follow him on youtube until it just felt a little much like a sales pitch. from a used car salesman. but he was way more likable than a car sales man. Can"t blame him for making his money on-line. I did get value out of his channel such as how to get traffic from tic tok or pintris. there was truly some good information. but It seamed more like he just wanted to make as many videos as he could instead of focusing on the "content quality" to "time watched" ratio. it was all worth it I am still subscribed just not interested in the echo chamber.

  • There IS NO 30 day guarantee because the course MUST END before 30 days, otherwise, NO GUARANTEE z! Unless it was 30 days AFTER the last class is taught!

  • I always wonder WHY do people teach courses on “ how to make money with X” – if X is that good, why tell everyone else?

  • Anyone that says the regular price is $3000 but today it's $997, when the "today" is always, just doesn't get my respect and will never get my trust. Great video Renae. Just found you and I like your honesty.

  • If I am understanding everything(course explanation) correctly….You can find all that information online for free…I know because I have done my research on affiliate marketing, way before I seen this. It takes a lot of work to make anything with it and you have to be consistent, I would not call it a passive income unless you found some key way to have it generate income from the very beginning, most do not pay much per click, so you will need a very large amount to create anything worth it. No wonder there is a huge stress chapter!!

  • The money is in the model.. Not using the model, but selling it 😂

  • Sounds like a wash. You may as well buy a course on how to grow/build a youtube channel or blog if you're gonna be a newbie to affiliate marketing. It's required.

  • "you're right" I hate these parts in courses i just call it fluff and honestly a lot of them start theirs this way. i get disinterested. they just call it, you gotta do "the work". i was already interested when i brought into a course but the fluff just ruins it all. not everyone wants a sailboat or private jet plane. i just want to do something worthwhile, get my bills paid a possibly a tiny house, and help my family when they need it.

    can i ask what camera you use nowe, i notice the quality difference and the 1080 60fps definitely grabs my attention. iphone perhaps?

  • Thank you for this review. I like ODi as well (and his regular videos), but I feel there are other affiliate marketing YouTubers out there who provide FAR better content, like Miles Beckler.

  • This review service is GOLD! you should be charging these people for your in-depth research. If they don't follow up on these points, there beyond idiots (Yellow book, idiots guide, you should write one for Passive Income 🙂 )

  • Hiring people so you can automate your business is not bad. It opens up time to create other businesses. Automation doesn't mean you're completely out of it.

  • 1:55 oh goodness don't go there it's actually a Fetish. Grown men wearing nappies with serious mummy issues.

  • I'm surprised one is even able to sell a course for $700 in world where you can probably find 1,000 free courses on the same subject. The course described here sounds like a typical "selling the dream" course where it's really about the instructor's income (from selling the course) rather than the student outcome. Am I unduly cynical?

  • Renae!!! Absolutely on top form today!👍😆

  • You look amazing! ❤️

  • Proper review! Thumbs up 👍🏻👍🏻.

  • Here's an affiliate idea for you Renae, compile all results in to a one page website ranked them from best to worst for different categories. Then have affiliate links to the courses. We all trust your reviews people would click.

  • The founder of the Hilton Hotel doesn't work in the hotel anymore, becuase you know, he's been brown bread for about 40 years.

  • A very open review and rather informative. However, it sounds like the course just wasn't for you rather than being lower value. Which is perfectly fine. You talk about his second module (which is his most popular module, btw) as being specifically for "stress relief". If that was all you got out of it I'd encourage you to watch that module again. Its more about "mind set for success" rather than just "stress relief", however you aren't wrong as that is probably a 3rd of the module? Give or take. You made a good point that one of the biggest benefit of the course is not just the information but he will answer any question timely. I've seen internet guru's flat out say "I will not respond one on one, use the facebook group and one of the students can help you." Instant turn off for me.

    All of his information is just that, informative. He gives some step by steps, as you noted, but the model of affiliate marketing is so vast and has so many avenues of venture to go over step by step of each one would likely be 10s of 1000s of hours worth of content. His program is more of an information buffet around affiliate marketing and having quick access to him to answer specific questions about a particular item of said buffet makes it a little more valuable as a package deal. Again, I've seen most guru's say that its in the training and that's it.

    Odi has a very likable personality and its rather easy for most people to develop a sort of online chemistry with him. You mentioned how he goes into building a wordpress website on his course. However, what you didn't say and you may not know, is that he gives outside of his course, for free, with no email needed, a step by step tutorial on how to set this up, what hosting to use, what plugins to use, how much it costs, and the reasoning for doing all of it. And again, this isn't part of his course. So my thinking is (and that's all any of this is is an opinion) if that much value, that much content is given away for nothing then what would I get if I purchased his course? Which I have. Which is why I am comfortable talking about this and calling out one or two things about your video, respectfully.

    Affiliate marketing is simple. But it isn't easy. What that course provides should honestly be enough for anyone to pick up, take the parts that are useful to themselves, and create their own business. But you are right, he doesn't not give an A to B, B to C, C to D map for success. Honestly he doesn't need to due to the nature of the business. I do know that when I get full swing into affiliate marketing so many months or years down the road, if I have a question he will likely still be responding. So in a sense, you have a contact with experience to help you when you need it. Possibly for years rather than just having to only review teaching videos after the instructor abandoned the project. So do you think that contact WITH the education is worth the $800?? Guess its a matter of perception.

    His course isn't perfect, but then again neither is the last one you recommended (i say that because I purchased that one too). However it does work for me, just like the last one you recommended works for you. Ultimately any course anyone even thinks about buying needs to do their research. Watch a creators youtube videos extensively and see if their message resonates with you.

    Sorry for the long rant. You are exceedingly charming and I enjoy watching your videos. They are informative. That's why I engaged rather than give a derogatory comment, hit the thumbs down, and unsub.

  • I don't like this new background stuff.

  • Wow that sounds worse then the program I got scammed on.
    The guy did that drip feed thing with a sixty day refund, but the module that helps you figure out that it's not the program for a product based product, or how to content/course creation, but was for Coaches only, yeah that module doesn't drop till after the 60 day refund period expired. I paid more then you, lots more, but I was stuck with the debt for a year.
    The upside, it was detailed, actual experienced person in coaching, but it was not a good fit for what I wanted to do right then.

  • I really appreciate your review… you seem to look for the same things most people want from a course. I Feel your free courses always provide real helpful actionable steps. Love your courses 💕.
    Would you condsider doing a review of one of Billy Jean's Marketing courses?

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