How To Start Affiliate Marketing (Without a Website!) 2019

How to start Affiliate Marketing without a website: These days you can start affiliate marketing even without money, for free.

For beginners who want to start affiliate marketing, it’s often hard to have a big budget for ads, expensive website design and content.

So I made this beginner tutorial that will show simple ways to do affiliate marketing without any expense at all.


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In this affiliate marketing tutorial, I am showing how you can find high-converting offers on JVZoo and WarriorPlus, and then promote them as an affiliate.

The basic outline is as follows:

Step 1: Find a great affiliate offer

I am showing which network to use and how to make sure that the affiliate product you’re thinking of promoting is high quality and has a good chance of high conversions and profits.

Step 2: Getting approved

I will then show you how to get in touch with the vendor, get a review copy and secure an approval to promote the offer

Step 3: Creating the review

Then I will show you how to create a review that will convert your viewers into buyers.

Step 4: Publishing the review

Then I am showing what you need to do to publish your review, insert your affiliate links, and start making money.

That’s all there is to it – it’s a very simple strategy, and using this strategy even beginners will know how to start affiliate marketing, even without a website, and be successful in 2018 and beyond.

All the best!


45 thoughts on “How To Start Affiliate Marketing (Without a Website!) 2019

  1. I have been watching Youtube videos on how to earn money online with affiliate marketing for the last 2 months. But I must say that this is the second video (First one was Your video on how to use google sites to earn money from ClickBank which I just watched before this one) which gives me the actual feel & confidence to start moving ahead and start taking real actions as a newbie affiliate marketer. I can't thank you much for the super valuable, most helpful, and the best comprehensive information which you offered for FREE that I was eagerly looking out for everywhere. Really grateful to🙏🙏🙏 you

  2. so, if i understand you from this method of research if done correctly with either product launches or current affiliate offers you could in theory do review articles daily or how ever many you can post to medium and in time, see returns from links clicked from your articles?

  3. If I had a review before the launch date, then surely on the launch date there will be heaps of medium competition and my post will possibly not be ranked?

  4. Hello i followed all your steps in the video and everything has been working fine, ive yet to make a sale and I was wondering if i could get any tips on things i could say or maybe hot points i should be focusing on well i write my reviews. Thank for your help so far, cheers!

  5. Wow, tons of value, real eye opener on simple methods and techniques many supposed online gurus hint at but only elaborate on later for a price! Thanks so much!

  6. I requested the affiliate link approval like yesterday and till now its pending I tried to contact him on facebook and skype and he isnt responding, my post is ready and also its number one on the results on google

  7. Seriously I am surprised that there is a youtuber that gives way too many info in one youtube video without promoting a very expensive course. Thanks a lot for uploading this video💜💜, I'll try your strategy and I'll update you💜💜

  8. Brother, Thank you for the valuable content. I want to make a reviews website by which I will include all the latest products like they're going to be in the market for the next 15 days. Does that make sense? Brother.

  9. what is the review site can post for free other than If we cannot get the review copy from the vendor, what is the other method without purchase and we can review it well? And, this moz toolbar is require additional paid and only for free trial use for some period. I dont think it is all free from what you mentioned in video

  10. I have learnt a lot from this channel than many other channels i watch and subscribe to on YouTube. I have been on Jvzoo and warrior plus form some times now but i haven't seen any free & simple method like yours. I want to start a Software review blog website any advice for tools to use and how to go about it. Thank You.

  11. never seen method, I like it but I did not understand what do you mean by asking for review access?!! I think that the affiliate link of the product is enough!!!!

  12. Thank you for the very informative video. When writing a review, do you basically just re-write what the seller tells about his products? Thanks again.

  13. I've made and posted my review but when i search up the __ reivew on google, even using 'site' and "" it doesn't show up… did I do something wrong?

  14. I’ve asked for review access for two different products and I got approved for both, where do I go to find the review access copy? Or did they not give it to me

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